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The Ice Cave is an ancient cave of solid ice located in the deepest point of Rocky Ridge Mine. It used to be used during the age of steam engines.


When the Ice Cream Factory suffered heavily from a power cut, Speedy led Frostini down here to retrieve some ice to cool the ice cream; however, Frostini’s carelessness caused them to be trapped by falling ice. Despite this, Frostini has the idea that Speedy use his hot steam to melt the ice. That plan worked and the chuggers made it out of the cave unhurt.

Soon after, Wilson and Koko were sent to Rocky Ridge Quarry to sand the line while it was snowing. The trainees went so far down the mine that they ended up in the ice cave; unfortunately, Wilson left the cover to his sanding car open and was soaked from melting ice- leaving now way out for Wilson, not helped by the fact that Koko thought that Wilson was still behind her. Wilson had the idea to use his engine to heat the car and evaporate the water to dry the sand- the plan worked and Wilson went on to sand the rest of the line before Olwin was due to arrive for her train.






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