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The Fuel Yard is the dipped area of the Depot. The original Chug Wash, Eddie's Workshop and Calley's Shed are located here. The yard also has many entrances to the Underground Tunnels due to the fact that it is on the same level as them.


The Fuel Yard has been the center of many events throughout the series. Once, Chatsworth’s engine had freezed up after Hoot and Toot had put him to sleep during a blizzard; Chatsworth told the twins that his engine might start working again if they pushed him down a ramp. Hoot and Toot used the entrance to the Fuel Yard to restart Chatsworth’s engine; it worked and the chuggers were able to help rescue Harrison from a snow drift. Another time, Wilson was put in charge of the Fuel Yard when Eddie and Hodge were on an emergency. He ended up filling the Chug Wash with dirt instead of soap and made a mess of the Underground Tunnels, but eventually managed to make everything right.




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