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The Farm is Felix's farm located at the countryside of Chuggington. It is one of the most prominent recurring locations in the first season; chuggers are regularly sent there to transport agricultural products to different parts of Chuggington.

While the Farm is important for Chuggington, not much remarkable has happened there during the series. Wilson, Koko and Brewster were once sent there to take Felix and some of his eggs, cream and vegetables to the Country Fair as one of their first deliveries. The Farm was also one of the locations featured in the trainees' treasure hunt in Brewster Knows Best and a spot on Koko's track when she was earning her high speed badge in A Pat on the Paintwork.



Chuggington: Badge Quest[]


  • In Season 1, the chuggers consistently traveled to the Farm through the Green Line. However, in Hoot v. Toot, Vee sends Hoot and Toot there through the Red Line. This, among many other similar instances, indicates that the lines are connected.