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The Drop and Load Yard (D&LY)[1] is a freight yard run by Cormac after taking ownership from Old Puffer Pete when he was relocated to Rocky Ridge Quarry. It is the central distribution for all the traffic coming in and out of Chuggington. Brewster occasionally assists with work on the Mega Chug Crane based at the yard.


While the Drop and Load Yard is important, its history has been uneventful; however, some events have taken place here. Once, whilst sorting through a large consignment, a crate of chain spools smashed onto Pete and tangled him up. Wilson, coming back from a training exercise, quickly cleared the mess and freed Pete from the chains. On another occasion, the Mega Chug Crane went haywire, and left Cormac dangling above the track on the crane’s grappler by the time Chug Patrol arrived. Another event was when the Mega Chug Crane received an over-powered motor that used started using up all of Chuggington's energy- causing an arriving container ship to nearly run aground. Thankfully, Brewster and Hodge were able to tell Cormac to turn it off in time.




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  • There are supposedly two entrances to the Drop and Load Yard; one through the green tunnel and another through the other blue tunnel behind the Coloured Tunnels.