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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the song.

The Docks is the harbour where ships arrive to drop off and collect cargo from Chuggington and beyond.


Skipper Stu runs the Docks, with Harry and Hamish handling deliveries and transport, and Russ handling sorting. Tai joins the team in the sixth season as a trainee shunter. On the premises is:

  • Stu's control tower, built on the remains of a sea fort,
  • a massive dock crane which Stu operates to unload and reload ships,
  • a storage depot for containers,
  • an old steam crane,
  • a warehouse,
  • a repair shed,
  • a carousal for Daley's pickups,
  • a lighthouse island,
  • and a roundhouse for the four Dockers.

Captain Charlie frequently comes in with his ship to collect and deliver cargo.

The docks also has a lengthy quay for use of one one of the first activities of the day for the team: Docking the ships that arrive. Two chuggers are attached to tow ropes, pulling them into place for the crane to unload. It's a job that, depending on the day or job, has gotten everyone on the Docks crew involved.


The docks were frequently mentioned in the first four seasons, but finally appeared in the fifth season. Many incidents have happened here, including a closure preventing freight from coming in, the Massive Crane breaking down, forcing Stu to improvise and fire up the old steam crane to get a consignment of rails delivered, a freeze preventing important fuel supplies from getting up the gorge to the town, and a fire at the Lighthouse that destroyed the lamp room and called for urgent repair by the Chuggineers.

As of the sixth season, the docks are now a prominent location, with many more adventures set here and the addition of Tai to the team as a trainee. The trainees nearly delay a delivery of apples for a ship due to a misunderstanding with Hamish, Koko staying up too late nearly delays her bringing Mayor Pullman to the christening of a new cargo ship called "The S.S. Slumber", with her also causing a mess when bringing in a ship too fast due to a power booster, a huge cargo delivery, including a load of boat anchors, caused problems for the team, and the lighthouse suffered mechanical faults due to an over-powered Drop and Load Crane motor, nearly causing a ship to run aground.




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