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Chuggington Depot,[1][2] commonly known as the Depot , is the centerpiece of Chuggington and the hub of all the chuggers who live there.



  • It is mentioned in Quizmaster Hodge that there are 26 signal lights in the depot.
  • The Depot has undergone several modifications throughout the series:
    • In Season 4, the Depot was slightly redesigned to accommodate Chug Patrol Headquarters and the Working Wheels Yard.
      • Several medians and platforms were removed, including Morgan's house, and replaced by open patches of dirt or grass (many of the dirt areas typically filled with cargo).
      • The Spray Shed and the cafe area of the Coloured Tunnels complex were removed to make room for CPHQ.
      • The Rolling Stock Yard was removed in place of the Working Wheels Yard.
      • The track layout was altered to accommodate the new buildings; a noticeable change was the addition of a loop on the patch of dirt in front of CPHQ.
    • In Season 6, the depot gained a new Chug Wash, more greenery, and the dirt patches were replaced with two additions:
      • A patch of grass on the "loop" patch.
      • A concrete section with a new platform in front of Platform 6 (the Loading Shed).
  • The depot is the only location known to have an existing track plan (essentially a bird's eye view of the set detailing the set.) However, is has only been found cropped on select pieces of Japanese merchandise, including a pencil case and also several DVDs.



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