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The Complete First Series

The Complete First Series is a boxset containing Series 1 of Chuggington. It is a 4-disc set.


Over 50 episodes of fun on the rails - Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

Honk your horns - toot! toot! Its the traintastic world of Chuggington where the eager Wilson, daring Koko and loyal Brewster are making tracks to becoming working engines.

For the three young trainees there's always adventure, fun and excitment to be had. Encouraged and looked after by the other engines - such as shunters Dunbar and Calley, joker Emery, ice cream chugger Frostini and super chugger Action Chugger.

Character Descriptions

The Box has descriptions of some of the characters


Wilson is a multi-function engine. He can be a bit of a scattertrain but he's always trying to do better! "Let's Ride the Rails!"


Brewster is a diesel train. he's strong, dependable and a good helper. "Honking Horns!"


Koko is a streamlined engine. She's the fastest chugger on the track, she loves exploring, having adventures and challenging her friends to a race. "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!"

Old Puffer Pete

Old Puffer Pete is a steam engine. He's the oldest train in Chuggington but can still chuff up and down the track, even if it is very slowy!

Action Chugger

Action Chugger is a Jet propelled engine. He's always ready to swoop in at a moment's notice to help a citizen in distress


Frostini is an Italian ice-cream chugger. His flavours and toppings are magnifico, no wonder they call him 'The Great Frostini!"


Disc 1


  1. Braking Brewster
  2. Clunky Wilson
  3. Can't Catch Koko
  4. Old Puffer Pete's Tour
  5. Koko on Call
  6. Hodge and the Magnet
  7. Jet Pack Wilson
  8. Brewster to the Rescue
  9. Wilson and the Wild Wind
  10. Zephie Ace Reporter
  11. Mtambo's Amazing Adventure
  12. Action Brewster


  • Chuggington Virtual World Tour
  • DVD-Rom Games:
  • Dance with Zephie
  • Colour the Chuggers
  • Honk your Horns Sing-along
  • Action Chuggers Memory Game

Disc 2


  1. Bang Klang Wilson
  2. Frostini's Fruit Fandango
  3. Zephie's Zoomaround
  4. Nurse Wilson
  5. Wilson and the Paint Wagon
  6. Brewster's Little Helper
  7. Koko Takes Charge
  8. Wilson's Paper Trail
  9. Brewster Goes Bananas
  10. Koko and the Squirrels
  11. Wilson and the Elephant
  12. Brewster and the Dragon
  13. Zephie's Monkey Business
  14. Wilson's Wacky Tour
  15. Mtambo's Royal Tour


  • The Jigsaw Game
  • Where's Wilson
  • Two 'Mini' Episodes:
    • Chug Patrol
    • Animal Helper

Disc Three


  1. Training Time, Harrison
  2. Wilson Gets a Wash
  3. Koko and the Tunnel
  4. Watch Out Wilson
  5. Wilson's Smooth Moves
  6. Eddie Finds Time
  7. The Chugger Championship
  8. Helpful Hodge
  9. Cool Wilson
  10. Brewster's Hobby
  11. Wilson and the Ice Cream Factory
  12. Wake Up Wilson
  13. Koko Pulls it Off


Disc 4


  1. Late Again Eddie
  2. Inspector Emery
  3. Outward Bound Olwin
  4. Old Puffer Pete's Surprise
  5. Famous Emery
  6. Hodge's Secret
  7. Rock-A-Bye Chatsworth
  8. Old Puffer Pete's Firebox
  9. Poor Old Puffer Pete
  10. Brewster Knows Best
  11. Bubbly Olwin
  12. Koko's Puppy Training


  • The episode order on the box is different to the order on the discs.


  • On Disc 1, the episode Old Puffer Pete's Tour is cut-short; it ends abruptly when Brewster, Wilson and Koko are exploring the Old Town of Chuggington without Old Puffer Pete's knowledge.