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The Coloured Tunnels are the centrepieces of the Depot and the link to all of the lines in Chuggington.


The Coloured Tunnels not only serve as a tunnel network, but also a station. While it has never been seen up-close, it is presumed that Emery and Decka stopped at the tunnels' station before the elevated track running through it was cut off to make room for Chug Patrol Headquarters. The Coloured Tunnels also had a cafe area prior to CPHQ's introduction, which also was removed. After Hoot was found to be red-green colourblind, the Coloured Tunnels were fitted with lights for Hoot to recognize due to the fact that the red and green tunnels looked the same to him; the lights also seem to be turned on at dark.

The Tunnels[]

The locations connected to each tunnel have not been confirmed, so this list will be based on the most consistent instances. There are four tunnels - (left to right) red, blue, yellow and green.

The Red Tunnel[]

The Blue Tunnel[]

The Yellow Tunnel[]

The Green Tunnel[]

Even with this list, it can be assumed that the lines interconnect at certain points; this could clear up confusion over certain instances where a chugger goes into one tunnel, but emerges out another.