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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD or the event.

The Chugger Championship is the tenth aired episode of Season 1, but the fifteenth in production order.


Vee tells the chuggers that the annual Chugger Championship race will be held on the next day. Koko thinks winning is the most important thing, causing a quarrel between her and Wilson. On the day of the race, Wilson plays a trick on Koko to get in front of her, but when he breaks down, Koko doesn't believe him. Wilson feels foolish that he tricked Koko but when Emery is about to crash into him, Koko decides to help Wilson. Old Puffer Pete wins the race, but because he didn't run the whole track, Vee decides Koko's the winner: she gave up her lead to help a friend.







  • Wilson's back bogie wheels are derailed during the scene where he's teasing Koko.
  • Wilson manages to blow a raspberry without the aid of a tongue.


  • Chuggington Die-Cast - Chugger Championship Trainees and Chuggers, Chugger Championship Rev'n Race Railway Deluxe Playset (discontinued)
  • DVD (discontinued)