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The Chug Wash is an automatic washer where chuggers wash themselves. Lori has described it as a great big shower for chuggers.


The Chug Wash, originally being located at the Fuel Yard, got its first proper appearance in Wilson Gets a Wash, when the trainees were ordered to have their first chug wash. However, Wilson, who was muddy at the time, did not see the point of getting clean and went off to play. After Koko and Brewster caught him, Wilson found out that the Chug Wash wasn’t so bad after all.

While the Chug Wash is convenient, it can be faulty. Once, Olwin was sprayed with dirt, and as a chugger who cares about her appearance, immediately headed to the Chug Wash- only for it to be broken. Another incident that wasn’t exactly at the fault of the Chug Wash itself was when Brewster had to pick up Chuggington’s new mayor. A new soap was being used, but no one knew that it actually hardened when it dried, causing many chuggers to be frozen in place.

After the introduction of the Working Wheels Yard, the Chug Wash became obsolete and was quickly phased out. However, as of the sixth season, it is commonly used by chuggers again, now being located near the Coloured Tunnels at the start of one of the elevated lines. The new Chug Wash also features a turntable and traffic lights.




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  • The episode, Wilson Gets a Wash, is the first time the Chug Wash was properly introduced to the series, but it slightly cameos in episodes prior. This is due to the episode being the eighth in production order and airing as the twenty-sixth of the series.
  • The "Ready to Roll" app and the "Discover Chuggington: All Aboard!" shorts show an earlier version of the relocated Chug Wash, with an intersection as opposed to the turntable.
  • Quite often, because the brushes are so big, they sometimes clipped through the chugger's body.