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The Brewster Booster Bumper Collection is a British DVD featuring ten episodes from the second season and eight from the third season. It would be distributed by 2 Entertain.


Attention Chuggers! Brewster, Wilson and Koko are back with a bumper collection of traintastic adventures!

Ride the rails with the trainee engines as they learn some valuable life lessons and new skills, empowering them to become the best trainees they can be!


  1. The Brewster Booster
  2. Koko's New Look
  3. Quizmaster Hodge
  4. Wilson and the Dinosaur
  5. Scrub-A-Chug
  6. Next Stop - Space
  7. Rolling Reporter Wilson
  8. Zephie and the Bees
  9. Fault Finder Emery
  10. A Pat on the Paintwork
  11. Hodge Can't Wait
  12. Koko's Game
  13. Zephie's Star Club
  14. Top Secret Koko
  15. Toot's New Friend
  16. Skylar's Squad
  17. Wobbly Wheels
  18. Brewster's Crane Training


  • Being one of the last pieces of Chuggington media produced by Ludorum before their purchase and liquidation by Herschend Entertainment Studios, The Brewster Booster Bumper Collection was likely made for brand reintroduction and fundraising reasons.
  • A promotional image of Wilson and the Dinosaur shows a possible original scene with Wilson and Linda at the Depot, with Wilson retaining the original couplers as well as being situated at Platform 6, as opposed to being on the other side of the Depot. Despite this, the picture of Hoot and Toot from the final episode is still present.


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