The Brewster Booster

Written by

Brenda Scott Royce & Sarah Ball

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The Brewster Booster is the ninth episode of Season 2.


Dr. Ling is Experimenting with a new invention that could help Chuggers increase their speed. Brewster had to collect wood and he used a new invention and it jumps over bridges and Irving was surprised to see Brewster with the new invention. He broke a signal light. Hodge came to the signal lights and saw a broken one on the ground. Hodge had a turn on his new invention and hodge zooms around Chuggington. Brewster told Koko that Hodge could be in trouble. And he play, Whack A Mole. Koko sped off after Hodge in the tunnel and out at the points, Hodge reverses and Koko stopped to tell Vee. Back at Chuggington, Brewster told Vee that it was his fault. Luckily, Hodge had stoped the invention with water that Irving was washing the track. Dr. Ling tells about the invention andd everyone in Chuggington thought it was really fast!



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