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“Hey, Koko! Bet you can't beat Brewster!”

The Brewster Booster is the ninth episode of the second season.


Dr. Ling is experimenting with a new invention that could help chuggers increase their speed. Brewster is chosen to test the booster and later leaves with it to collect some wood. However, the booster starts going out of control, making Brewster's trip really dangerous. When he's returning home, he breaks a signal light and nearly drops his load. Brewster also almost crashes into Irving, who accidentally sprays the booster with water, causing it to slow down.

After getting back to The Depot, Brewster plans to tell Dr. Ling about his problems with the booster. But, when she and Vee tell Brewster he made a new record time on his trip and is going to be rewarded with an award, he decides to keep his bumpers shut.

Later, Hodge notices the broken signal light and Eddie asks him to go fetch a new one from the Repair Shed. Dr. Ling, not knowing how dangerous the booster is, suggests Hodge to use it to get the light to Eddie faster. Brewster sees Hodge zoom to the Green Tunnel with the booster, realising he could be in some serious trouble. He asks Koko to try to help Hodge, but even she can't catch up to him.

Brewster feels terrible for not telling the truth about the booster and discusses the situation with Vee. Suddenly he gets an idea of how to save Hodge: he asks Vee to tell Irving to spray the booster with water. His plan works and Hodge ends up getting the signal light to Eddie safely.

Back at the Depot, Brewster apologises to Hodge for putting his life in danger. Dr. Ling tells the chuggers she will start developing a safer booster, but Brewster decides to stick to his slow and steady style from now on.


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  • Going by production order, this is the eleventh episode of the second season.
  • This episodes is marked for a few things:

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