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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD.

“The lighthouse is bright tonight."
"It is bright."
"Burnin' bright!"
"Good grief! It's on fire!”
―Russ, Hamish, Harry and Skipper Stu

The Big Freeze is the second and final double-length special of the fifth season, comprised of the episodes Chug Patrol Chief and Fletch Shines.



As icy weather hits Chuggington, the Docks becomes unable to get the latest batch of diesel tankers to the Working Wheels Yard. Simultaneously, a fire breaks out at the Docks' lighthouse, with Fletch being put in charge to replace the top section.




Rolling Stock[]






  • Despite the singular episodes being released in the country, The Big Freeze would not be released in the UK. However, the British dub would be shown on The MilanToon Channel's Chuggington Site Launch Celebration, with permission from Herschend Entertainment Studios. The special itself would finally make its official UK debut on January 2nd, 2021 as part of the Season 6 premiere.
  • This special marks the last of several things:
  • This is the only special where the second act does not feature Wilson, Brewster or Koko.


  • Part of Olwin's pipe clips through her side valences in the scene of Vee calling in an emergency meeting.
  • Part of Hamish's running board is missing at one point after he and Harry stop struggling up the hill.
  • At one point, Wilson's jaw clips through the rails at CPHQ.
  • In the second to last shot of the "Chug Patrol Chief" part of the special, three of Mtambo's horns and his headlight in the center are missing.
  • In the BBC iPlayer credits, Toby Baddeley's name was misspelled as "Tony".