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“I love living in Chuggington, but... there are still things I miss from Zheng-Chu. I suppose I just wanted to bring a little bit of that back with me.”

The Art of Chug Shui is the forty-second episode of the sixth season.


After Cormac's prongs break, Tai fills in for him on the job and jumbles his detailed system!


Rolling Stock[]






  • Going by production order, this is the forty-fourth episode of the sixth season.
  • This episode marks the final of a couple things:
    • This episode marks the final physical appearances of Vee and Morgan, as well as Vee's final speaking appearance as of the US dub.
    • The final episode to have Cormac with the lead role.
  • Angelica Hale's recordings for Tai use a different microphone than the recordings for other characters do. This could imply that Hale had to record from her home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • For the better part of the episode, the containers are replaced with lower poly models, with the handrails becoming flat textures. This was likely done to speed up runtime.
  • This episode reveals that Tai used to live in Zheng-Chu.


  • When Tai first arrives at the Drop and Load Yard, her lower jaw and wipers are missing.
  • DisneyNOW's captioning for this episode misspells Zheng-Chu as "ZhengChoo".