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Terry was Old Puffer Pete's old tender.


Terry is not a chugger, but he is quite important. He is Old Puffer Pete's old tender from the days of steam chuggers. After many years of work, Terry became worn out, and was abandoned; Pete was modified into a tender-less chugger and sent to New Chuggington. Years later, Terry was found in a corroded state- however, Pete became very attached to his former tender, which had to be repaired regularly as he was falling apart. Soon enough, Terry was ordered to be scrapped, much to Pete’s dismay. Brewster and Zephie overheard this and thought that it was Pete who was going to be scrapped, only to find out that it was just his old tender. However, it seems that Terry was not scrapped in the end, as he sometimes appears among other rolling stock.


Although not based on any particular steam locomotive tender, and is likely a freelance design, Terry does resemble the DRG Br 06 tender or an LNER corridor tender but lacks a corridor and water tank.



Badge Quest

  • Part 3 - Swift Shift (not named)

Terry has not appeared on the show since 2012.


  • Despite the fact that Terry was sent for scrap, Terry did appear again in Hodge Can't Wait as a test demonstration wagon.
    • This could imply that Terry was saved and used as a surplus wagon.