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“Okay, okay, I got lost. I thought I knew my way around Chuggington, but I guess I don't."
"When I first started as a trainee, I would get lost all the time."
"Me too. And even though I was fast, I was still late... a lot.”
―Tai, Wilson and Koko

Tai Tracks is the twenty-second episode of the sixth season.


New to Chuggington, Tai must navigate her way around town to make an important delivery on time! With help from her new friends, she just might get the job done!


Rolling Stock[]






  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-third episode of the sixth season.
  • This is the 150th episode of the series overall.
  • Apart from screaming, Asher lacks any dialogue in this episode. This also marks Asher's only speaking role in the sixth season.
  • Hamish's line of dialogue is reused from The Mighty Koko.
  • Stock footage from The Extra Mile is used.
  • This marks the first appearance of the paint wagons since the third season episode, Zephie's Star Club.


  • Richard Ridings is not credited for voicing Hamish in both English dubs of this episode, likely because no new recordings were made for the character during the production of this episode.
  • When Wilson leaves Tai at the intersection, his model stops moving once he's out of the frame as his silhouette is still visible nearby the signal light.
  • When Jackman says, "Where are those new parts for the turntable?", his mouth does not move.
  • The paint wagon manages to get inside of the Ice Cream Factory despite it being too tall to enter through both entrances.
  • Throughout several occasions of the episode, Brewster reverts between his original and his Chuggineer design.
  • In the US end credits, the song "Just Ask A Friend" is not credited.