Tai is a trainee shunter introduced in Season 6. [1] She first appeared in Odd Train Out, but was properly introduced in The 3 Ways of the Track.


Tai is a young and new trainee that’s tough as nails with a heart of gold! She’s a shunting engine and is super strong and always has a can-do attitude!


While on an important shunting job at the Docks, Tai ended up damaging her exhaust pipe while trying to move a heavy container of anchors. Upon seeing Hanzo's skills and another accident with a container and sand wagon colliding, Tai decides to take on his offer to learn "The 3 Ways of the Track": Breathing, Balance, and Focus. Despite some struggles along the way, she soon finds what she needs to get the work done carefully and properly!

Technical Details


Tai, being a modification of Calley, is loosely based on a Krauss-Maffei ML 500 C diesel hydraulic shunter which were built in Germany.


Tai is painted purple with orange stripes and paintwork.


  • Tai's model is modified from Calley's original model, with one only of her original horns and her original warning light.


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