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“Get ready to ride the rails with Amtrak!”
―Wilson, Brewster and Koko

Tag Your Bag is a video released in July 2015 for Chuggington's partnership with Amtrak sharing important security tips when riding on Amtrak trains.


Tag Your Bag revolves around Wilson, Brewster and Koko sharing important security tips for when riding on Amtrak trains, those being:

  • An adult you are traveling with should take your photo; in case you get separated, people can see what you look like and what you are wearing, so they can help you.
  • Always stay close to your grown-up and don't wander around the station or on the train.
  • Tag your bag so Amtrak knows that your bags belong to you.


Rolling Stock[]




  • The close-up shot of Wilson and Brewster's wheel trucks and the scene of Wilson, Brewster and Koko introducing themselves would later be reused in the updated Honk Your Horns opening theme for the sixth season.
  • This is the final time where Wilson, Brewster and Koko are voiced by Tony Terraciano, Miles J Harvey and Brigid Harrington in the American dub.
  • Shanghai Motion Magic Digital, the animation studio that animates the series, posted the raw footage for the video on Vimeo, possibly to present their work for the series.