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“And next time, try not to be swift to shift abso-toot-ly everything!”

Swift Shift is the third episode of the third part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the forty-second episode overall.


Hoot and Toot arrive at the Depot to meet Dunbar and Calley, who instruct them on how to earn their "Swift Shift" badge- they must find stray cars around the Depot, and bring them back to the Loading Yard. Dunbar states that the two must round up at least twelve cars in thirty minutes. Calley adds that when she did the badge, she shifted twenty cars, which is the record- Hoot and Toot decide to make it their goal to beat it.

While Hoot and Toot begin collecting cars, Calley brings her rescue car to the Repair Shed for servicing. Hoot and Toot also take Hodge's magnet car while he is talking to Emery. While racing through the underground tunnels, Hoot and Toot leave an old tender car, Terry, stranded on the line as a result of going too fast around a bend. The two also find Calley's rescue car waiting for servicing (unbeknownst to them, of course) and take it along with them.

Suddenly, the siren from Calley's shed goes off, to which Calley hopes that her car is still available. However, when she arrives at the Repair Shed, she finds that the rescue car is missing. Calley the goes to the Loading Yard and finds the car. Thus, Hoot and Toot offer to get it for her. Hodge, looking for his car in the underground tunnels, finds Terry and brings it to the Loading Yard. Calley leaves, but Hoot relalises that there are now only twenty cars- not enough to beat Calley's record. Suddenly, Hodge appears with Terry, who is given to Hoot and Toot, just in time for Dunbar to count the number of wagons. Hoot and Toot then return to the Training Yard to earn their badge, where they are told that they are the new Swift Shift record holders. Calley also asks that next time, they do not be so swift to shift everything single thing in the Depot.


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  • When Toot asks, "What do we have to do?", Wilson's horn can be heard in the background.
  • This episode marks Terry's final appearance to date.
  • This marks the final time Emery is voiced by Hugh Reynolds in the US dub.

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