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“You were amazing, Brewster! Really confident! See, you can do it!”

Stunt Brewster is the seventeenth episode of the second season.


Action Chugger is teaching Brewster and Koko an advanced training trick: the trainees have to push a wagon down one line, then run down another and then catch the wagon behind them. Suddenly, Vee alerts Action Chugger that he's needed at the film set, so he tells the trainees to come show him what they've learned later.

Koko masters the trick quickly, but Brewster still has trouble doing it. Vee soon asks Brewster to do a run to Tootington. Koko offers to do it so Brewster could practice his trick, but Vee needs a stronger chugger for the job. Koko still decides to go part of the way to Tootington with him.

On the way, Koko has to use her new skill to save Brewster from a runaway wagon that Hoot and Toot were meant to be controlling. Brewster becomes sad because he wouldn't have been able to save Koko similarly.

Meanwhile, on set, Emery takes the film crew to the mountains where the film is being shot. An overly-excited Wilson and some other chuggers were sent to help in a stunt. They have to line up on a track and let Action Chugger jump over them, blindfolded! Action Chugger pulls off the stunt perfectly.

Later, when Brewster finally comes back from Tootington, he obviously wants to practice his trick, but Koko tells him there's no time. Brewster reluctantly rushes with Koko to the film set, where, to Koko's disappointment, they are told that Action Chugger doesn't have enough time to see them. When the film crew can't start shooting another scene because of a light going out, Koko sees her chance to get Action Chugger's attention.

Koko tries to perform the trick: she pushes a wagon towards a tunnel, down a track, and heads down another one. However, Brewster realises that the tunnel ahead is just a paper decal: Koko's gonna have a dangerous accident! He quickly sprints after Koko, couples up to her and jumps onto another track, whilst the wagon crashes through the paper decal, coming off the rails. Action Chugger saw everything and tells the trainees it was fantastic. The film crew also caught it on tape. Action Chugger asks Brewster permission to use the clip in the new film, which is a dream come true for Brewster.

Soon Wilson notices his friends and brags about being in Action Chugger's film. When Brewster and Koko tell about their action scene, Wilson doesn't believe them; he feels like a star and can't accept Brewster and Koko having a bigger role.


Rolling Stock






  • Brewster's mouth doesn't move when he says, "Stop Koko".
  • On the camera, it shows Brewster saving Koko, although the angle of the scene was the one given to the viewers, not the one where the camera was facing.
  • When Brewster and Koko jump tracks, a stock footage clip of Zephie from Brewster's Little Helper is used.