Stunt Brewster

Written by

Anna Lea and Sarah Ball

First Aired

2nd December 2010

Preceded by

Chilly Chuggers

Followed by

Wilson's Icy Escapade

Stunt Brewster is the 17th episode of Season 2.


Action Chugger were teaching Brewster and Koko and advanced training trick. They had to push a wagon down one line, then run down another and then catch the wagon behind them. Vee then alerted Action Chugger that the Film Crew needed him on set, so he flew off into the sky!

After some practice, Koko could do the trick very well. Brewster, however still couldn't do it. Vee asked Brewster to do a run to Tootington, which Koko offered to do so Brewster could practice his trick, but Vee needed a stronger chugger to do it. So Koko went part of the way to Tootington with Him.

On the way, Koko had to use her skill to save Brewster from a runaway wagon that Hoot and Toot were meant to be controlling. Brewster was sad because if he had to do that, the wagon would have crashed into Koko.

Meanwhile, on set, Emery was taking the film crew to the mountains where the film was being shot. He was told to be quiet by the film crew many times. Wilson and some other chuggers were sent to help in a stunt.They had to line up on a track, and let Action Chugger jump over them, Blindfolded! Action Chugger pulled of the stunt perfectly.

Later, Brewster cam back from Tootington. He want to practice his trick, but Koko said there was no time. They rushed to the set where, to Koko's disappointment, they were told that Action Chugger didn't have enough time to see them. They started to shoot another scene when a light went out. They cut the seen and Koko saw her chance.

She pushed her wagon down a track and headed down the other track. Brewster realised that the track ahead was a paper decal. He sprinted after Koko, coupled up to her and then jumped on to another track whilst the wagon crashed into the paper decal. Action Chugger thought that was fantastic and was happy to hear that they caught it on film. With permission from Brewster, they used it on Action Chugger's film.

After, Wilson was gloating that he was in Action Chugger's film and wouldn't accept that Brewster and Koko had a bigger role.



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