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―Maginificent Mysterioso

Stop the Press Emery is the seventh episode of the second season.


Emery takes Rag Barnstable the reporter around Chuggington and starts wondering how he could get himself in the news. Meanwhile, Dunbar is teaching Wilson and Brewster how to stick promotional posters onto walls, and promises the trainees they can go see the famous Magnificent Mysterioso's magic show later that evening.

Emery takes Rag to an interview with the Magnificent Mysterioso. While the two are discussing, Emery sees smoke. He also sees a chance to get a hero's reputation and sprays the source of smoke with water, ruining the Magnificent Mysterioso's smoke machine. The Magnificent Mysterioso gets extremely angry, and Rag tells Emery he just ended up getting his face on the newspaper, but not in a good light.

Emery feels terrible for ruining the show and disappointing all his friends. He later apologises to The Mysterioso, who has a grand idea which ends up saving the show and giving Emery the spotlight he wanted.


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  • Going by production order, this is the ninth episode of the second season.
  • On one of the sections on Emery's front page newspaper, famous tennis player, Serena Williams, was mentioned. This would mark the first time to ever mention a real life person in the franchise.
  • This episode marks a milestone for two characters.
    • Eddie rappelling from the Clock Tower.
    • Frostini inventing his 100th Ice Cream.
  • When the Magnificent Mysterioso plays the trick with the horn, the sound effect used for it is Hodge's horn sound.
  • It is revealed that Magnificent Mysterioso lives in Tootington.
  • This marks the first appearance of Chuggington Central Station.
  • This marks the last episode to feature Eddie wearing his original vest until the fourth season episode, High Rise Rescue.
  • This episode was the hardest to produce in the season due to the special effects and the magic show.[1]
  • In the storyboards for this episode, Morgan's render was copy and pasted in placement of the audience for the Magnificent Mysterioso's show.


  • When Emery enters the Ice Cream Factory, his buffers are missing.