Stop Koko Stop!


Alex Williams

Air Date

27th August 2013

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Wilson's Forest Flare

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Runaway Koko

 Stop Koko Stop! is the third episode of Season 4.


At the Chug-a-sonic Speed Track, Hanzo teaches Koko to brake at high speed. First, she must turn off her boosters, then brake using the back wheels, then brake using the front wheels. The Chuggineers are building tracks and while Brewster brushes them, he discovers a sun kink, which could derail a chugger if ran over. Brewster alerts Jackman at Chug Patrol and he closes the track while the Chuggineers repair it.

Koko is having problems braking smoothly. Sometimes she brakes in the wrong order, sometimes she forgets to turn off her boosters. Hanzo gives her some Chug-bots so she knows when she isn't braking smoothly. Hanzo decides to try again tomorrow.

The Chuggineers are about to start fixing the sun kink when Brewster sees Koko travelling at high speed. Brewsters Shouts Koko but Koko realizes that she won't stop on time. She turns off her boosters, brakes using her back wheels, then finally with her front wheels. She now has the hang of braking at high speed.




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