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Chuggington Die-Cast series[]

Name Number Back desc. Card
Brewster #1 "Brewster's most traintastic adventure was when he agreed to test out a new booster wagon that would make him go faster. The booster wasn't fully working yet so poor Brewster had to race all over Chuggington trying to control it. It was a wild booster chase!"
Koko #2 "Koko's most traintastic adventure was when she wanted to make the fastest night run ever, but then the power went out and she couldn't move without electricity! Koko was stuck on her own in the dark until Wilson came looking for her and towed her back to the depot."
Wilson #3 "Wilson's most traintastic adventure was when he borrowed a jet pack and soared high up into the sky. He hadn't learned how to work it before it took off, so he flew around, out of control. Action Chugger saved the day by coupling up to Wilson and landing him safely!"
Action Chugger #4 "Action Chugger's most traintastic adventure was when he was on his way to a movie shoot and got a branch caught in his jet engine, causing him to crash land. The super hero needed rescuing himself! Brewster was able to remove the branch and Action Chugger still got to the film set in time."
Chatsworth #5 "Chatsworth's most traintastic adventure was when he heard that Harrison got stuck in a snow drift and all the chuggers pulling together weren't able to free him. Chatsworth rushed to the scene and due to his extra strength he was able to save his friend!"
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Dunbar #6 "Dunbar's most traintastic adventure was when he left Chuggington to go traveling. He explored amazing far away destinations, met lots of new chuggers, and saw incredible sights! The best part was sharing the stories with the trainees when he returned home."
Internet 20200228 161325 4
Calley #7 "Calley's most traintastic adventure was when she found out her friend Koko was missing. Calley raced around the countryside searching and found that Koko had come off the rails! She pulled Koko back onto the track and towed her to the depot."
Emery #8 "Emery's most traintastic adventure was when he became a magician's assistant for the night and starred in the Magnificent Mysterioso's 'Disappearing Chugger' trick. The crowd loved it and Emery made the front page of the Chuggington Gazette!"
Internet 20200228 161325 1
Frostini #9 "Frostini's most traintasic adventure was when he went deep into the mountains to the ice cave to get some blocks of ice. He wasn't careful and caused a huge piece of ice to come crashing down, trapping him and Speedy - until Speedy released he could melt the ice with puffs of steam!"
Harrison #10 "Harrison's most traintasic adventure was when a big snow storm hit Chuggington and he boasted that there wasn't a snowdrift that could stop him. He blasted through drift after drift, but then got stuck in a huge one. It took every single chugger to pull him out!"
Hodge #11 "Hodge's most traintasic adventure was when his chugnav started acting strangely and he figured that there must be a problem with the satellite that sent the signal. Hodge thought it was t'riffic when Action Chugger lifted him high up into space so he could fix it!"
Hoot and Toot #12 "Hoot and Toot's most traintasic adventure was when they tried to return a meteorite back into space. They took it up a mountain and catapulted it into the sky. But it soon fell down and rolled back towards Chuggington, picking up speed. They caught it with a giant magnet and saved the day!"
Irving #13 "Irving's most traintasic adventure was when he took charge of clearing up the depot after a major snowstorm. He plowed the rails and used his brushes to sweep away the leftover snow. The Depot was soon in good order again - thanks to Irving!"
Internet 20200228 161325 2
Mtambo #14 "Mtambo's most traintasic adventure was when the monkeys stole some camera gear he was looking after. Mtambo gave chase all over the Safari Park trying to catch them. Around and around he went and only just got the gear back in time before Freddy came back to collect it!"
Old Puffer Pete #15 "Old Puffer Pete's most traintasic adventure was when he heard the Old Town whistle and realized something was wrong. He puffed through the maze of tracks to find the three trainees safe and alone! Old Puffer Pete guided them out of Old Town and even gave them a tour along the way."
Olwin #16 "Olwin's most traintasic adventure was when she had to find her through the heavy fog that had trapped the trainees! She went slowly, put her lights on glow, blow her whistle and was able to guide the trainees safely home."
Internet 20200228 161245 1
Speedy McAllister #17 "Speedy's most traintasic adventure was when he led his team in a good old Chug of War contest on the bridge. They heaved against Harrison's team and, using Speedy's breathing techniques, were able to pull the wagon over to their side of the bridge and won!"
Zephie #18 "Zephie's most traintasic adventure was when Action Chugger got called away on an emergency while she was interviewing him. Zephie hitched a ride on the back of him and got to fly all over Chuggington. She even got to watch him clean up a landslide!"
Internet 20200228 161245 2
Vee #19 "Vee knows that every day in Chuggington is an adventure! While she is busy running the depot and keeping the chuggers on schedule, Vee loves to watch the exciting adventures that the chuggers have right in front of her!"
Card vee back
Decka #20 "Decka's most traintasic adventure was when she broke down in a flooded tunnel, which made her engine stop working. Decka thought she'd be stuck there forever, but, with the roar of a jet engine, Action Chugger rescued her! Decka couldn't wait to tell everyone!"
Piper #21 "Piper's most traintasic adventure was when she set off down the mountainside by herself. It felt great at first, but soon she was going too fast and lost control. Wilson raced to catch up with Piper and pushed her into the Chug Catcher - a big sand pit that stopped her going any further. Piper was saved!"
Skylar #22 "Skylar's most traintasic adventure was when he graduated from the Training Academy and found an exciting new job as a trainer in Chuggington. He couldn't wait to teach the trainees everything he knew! It was the start of a whole new adventure for him."

StackTrack series[]

Name Number Image
Calley #13