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Chuggington StackTrack (formerly Chuggington Die-Cast) is a line of Chuggington vehicles and playsets from TOMY (formerly Learning Curve). They use TOMY's patented EZ-Coupler system that "ensures cars never disconnect". The first products were released on March 12, 2010 (USA), March 1st, 2010 (Canada) and November 09-Jan 10 (UK)

In 2012, the Track system changed so children can stack their layouts on top of each other and 'make them as high as the sky'. Although the new system isn't compatible with the old one, each new set comes with an adapter to connect the new track with the old one. The engines also started to be made out of plastic instead of Die Cast.


On 11th May 2013, TOMY broke the Guinness World Record for The Tallest Toy Train Track using the StackTrack system. They managed to build it 17 feet and 4 inches. Breaking the previous record of 9 feet and 8 inches.


Special Moments

Jet Pack Series

Chugger Championship Series


  • Despite their absence from the episode, Speedy McAllister and Action Chugger were made for this series.
  • These special chuggers have white wheels and a different design on their side.

Badge Quest Series

  • Wilson's Departure Station (Badge Quest Wilson)
  • Brewster's Weigh Station (Badge Quest Brewster with Hopper Car)
  • Koko's Repair Shop (Badge Quest Koko)
  • Harrison's Ready to Roll (Badge Quest Harrison) - (Unreleased)
  • Mtambo's Safari Training Set (Badge Quest Mtambo with Hopper Car and Food Cargo)
  • Speedy McAllister and the Courier (Badge Quest Speedy McAllister with Flatbed Car Cargo) - (Unreleased)
  • Frostini's Ice Cream Training Set (Badge Quest Frostini with Hopper Car and Ice Cream Cargo)
  • Old Puffer Pete and the Star Map (Badge Quest Old Puffer Pete) - (Unreleased)
  • Hodge Cargo Loader (Badge Quest Hodge with Hopper Car) - (Unreleased)

Easter Eggs Series

  • Wilson
  • Brewster
  • Koko


  • These special chuggers are also available in a 3 Pack.

Storm Maker Series

  • Wilson
  • Brewster
  • Koko


  • These special chuggers are also available in a 3 Pack

Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue

Rolling Stock

  • Mtambo's Safari Cars
  • Frostini's Ice Cream Cars
  • Hodge with Hopper Car
  • Hodge with Popcorn Car
  • Irving's Rubbish & Recycling Cars
  • Calley with Boxcar
  • Calley's Fire & Rescue Cars
  • Eddie's Carriage House
  • Morgan and Peckham Car
  • Training Cars
  • Musical Car
  • Dinosaur & Camera Cars
  • Digger Car


  • Wilson and Brewster starter set
  • Wilson and Harrison starter set
  • Wilson Gets a Wash Playset
  • Launch and go roundhouse action playset
  • Fix and go repair shed action playset
  • Training yard with loop action playset
  • Mega roundhouse playset
  • Chugger championship rev'n race railway deluxe playset
  • Action Chugger to the rescue action playset
  • Zephie at the magic show stage set
  • Wilson's wild ride
  • Koko's icy escapade
  • Brewster's big city adventure
  • Stunt Brewster
  • Koko's old town
  • Double Decker Roundhouse


  • Wilson Carry Case
  • Action Chugger Carry Case
  • Bridge Track Pack
  • Straight and Curved Track Pack
  • Cross and Switch Track Pack

Expansion Packs

  • 10 in 1 Track Pack
  • Ice Cave Track Pack
  • Wilson's Wild Ride Expansion Pack
  • Old Town Expansion Pack (Toys 'R' Us Exclusive)
  • Special Adaptor 2-pack


  • The new StackTrack engines are made with plastic for their bodies, and metal for their wheels, instead of metal for their bodies and plastic for their wheels like before. In addition, the redesigned engines seem to have a more squished appearence, probably to co-operate with the obsticles in the newer StackTrack playsets.
  • Some Chuggington DVDs came with a StackTrack engine.



Chuggington Die-Cast Launch & Go Roundhouse

Chuggington Die-Cast Launch & Go Roundhouse

Chuggington UK Die Cast Chugger Championship Set

Chuggington UK Die Cast Chugger Championship Set

Chuggington Diecast Playsets

Chuggington Diecast Playsets

Chuggington Diecast Trains

Chuggington Diecast Trains

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