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“Ugh, what's the smell?"
"That would be me.”
―Wilson and Brewster

Squeaky Clean is the sixth episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the sixth episode overall.


Brewster arrives at the Depot to meet Vee, who instructs him on how to earn his "squeaky clean" badge- to test his ability to stay presentable, Brewster must stay clean while pulling a "very special" load. He quickly heads to the Chug Wash to get cleaned up.

At the Loading Yard, Koko is doing training with the Storm Maker, of which next to it is a hopper car filled with stinky manure for Brewster to pull, much to his dismay. Regardless, he gets on his way to the farm.

After Brewster slowly makes his way through a low tunnel, he is greeted by Emery, who advises his passengers to hold their noses due to the smell coming from Brewster's load. As he suddenly approaches a patch of mud on the line, Brewster stops roughly- causing the load to spill all over his front- he knows that he will have to start again. Meanwhile, Wilson finds himself with a jammed leaf blower, asking Brewster to see if anything is wrong- only for masses of dirty leaves to fly all over him.

Back at the Depot, Brewster discovers that the Chug Wash is now broken and closed. Koko also passes by, noticing the smell- she offers to take him to the Storm Maker, where he is quickly cleaned up. Brewster finishes the run to the farm and returns to the Training Yard to earn his badge, where Emery also congratulates him.


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  • Going by production order, this is the fifteenth episode of Badge Quest.
  • This is the first Chuggington production to feature Deirdra Morris as a writer.


  • After Brewster overtakes Wilson, the hopper car is shifted to the side, causing its wheel brakes to clip through the rest of the car.
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