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Speed Fleet is a team of high speed chuggers that escort passengers and goods, taking pride in delivering them in record time at the fastest time possible, hence the name. The team consists of HanzoKoko, Payce and Daley. The team is led by Hanzo in Chuggington's fleet.


The Chug-a-Sonic Speed Track is where Hanzo and Koko usually train. It is a speed race circuit with a timer to clock the time of a chugger.


  • Hanzo - The respectable and honourable leader of the Speed Fleet.
  • Koko - The trainee of the group, she is a mischievous and confident student, although she frequently gets discouraged by her mistakes, her "sensei" Hanzo is always there to give her advice and support.
  • Payce - A tunnel-runner from Tootington, Payce is confident and disciplined.
  • Daley - The goods-exclusive chugger on the team, Daley is an effecient courier chugger who always gives service with a smile.



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