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Several specials have been produced for Chuggington since the fourth season. The fourth and fifth season specials combine two episodes and an additional four minutes of bridging material ("filler" segments) in between. As of the sixth season onwards, the specials have become their own story and complete the 22 mintues.

List of Specials

Cancelled Specials

"Filler" Segments

To fill up runtime, each fourth and fifth season special had their own four to five minute segments, made exclusively for the specials. These segments consist of:

  • Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue:
  • Chuggineers: Ready to Build:
    • Tyne taking the tunnel boring machine back shortly after the completion of the tunnel and Brewster laying the track inside the tunnel. Payce then tells Brewster that she is nervous about her first run, to which Brewster lets her practice once the track is finished. It also includes a formal introduction to Cormac, showing him loading up the wagons of tunnel walls and some interactions with Skylar, who picks up barriers and returns them at night. The footage ends with Cormac taking an early night after his busy day loading the tunnel sections.
  • Snow Rescue:
  • Delivery Dash at the Docks:
    • Russ stacking several containers onto a ship; Brewster arrives for a lesson with Skipper Stu on the Docks' crane, which he finds hard to handle.
  • The Big Freeze:
    • Seemingly out of nowhere, the Docks' lighthouse catches on fire. Jackman and Asher quickly put it out. Zack and Fletch go to investigate, and have some of the other chuggers at the Docks assist in bringing the Tower Crane down the gorge.