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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD.

“I'm a perfecto pumpkin picker! I pick pumpkins quicker!”

Special Helper Wilson is the second episode of the third season.


Wilson is picking pumpkins form the side of the track when Hoot and Toot come up to him and ask what they are for. Wilson says they're for Frostini's new pumpkin flavoured ice cream for the harvest festival. Hoot and Toot ask if they can help, but Wilson says he is the only assistant Frostini needs. Hoot and Toot decide to go to the Ice Cream Factory to persuade Frostini to make them helpers too. Wilson finally picks up all the pumpkins and heads to the Ice Cream Factory too. However, one pumpkin falls onto the rails.

When Wilson get there, he sees Frostini laughing with Hoot and Toot, and Frostini announces to Wilson that "Hooty and Tooty" are his new helpers as well as Wilson. Hoot and Toot ask if they can see the Pumpkin Ice Cream being made. Wilson tries to say that Frostini is too busy, but Frostini says they can.

First Hoot and Toot see the flavour being mixed with cream and stirred, then Frostini shows them how he puts them into tubs. Hoot and Toot ask what happens next; Wilson says Frostini's "perfecto" helper takes the ice cream to the Harvest Festival. Frostini tells Wilson he is forgetting the most important part: labelling it. They go into the label room and the tubs gets labelled there. The ice cream is put in refrigerator cars and Wilson goes to take it to the festival.

Hoot and Toot follow him there, and Wilson speeds away hoping Hoot and Toot would scoot, but no matter how fast Wilson goes, Hoot and Toot goes as fast as him. However a bridge makes Wilson jump off the rails, causing the ice cream to fall out the wagon and into the river under the bridge. Hoot thought the ice cream was taking a shortcut, and Toot said Frostini wouldn't be happy. Wilson goes to tell Frostini about the ice cream, who gets crossed. Wilson said he will get some more pumpkins pronto, and Hoot and Toot said they'd get some cream, but Wilson said he can do it. Frostini lets Hoot and Toot help, to Wilson's shock.

Wilson goes hunting for pumpkins, but he picked them all before. Wilson sees the pumpkin he dropped before and gets happy, however Hoot and Toot argue about which way Toot said to go. Wilson shouts at them to stop, but they run over the pumpkin and say they can't stop because Hoot got them lost. Hoot and Toot go down a line which has a dead-end which they don't know about. Wilson picks up a big chunk of pumpkin that got ran over when Frostini comes along side and shouts at him, saying he can't use that piece to make ice cream.

Hoot and Toot come back from the dead-end covered in berries. Frostini asks them what they have in their wagon and calls them geniuses, Wilson thinks they're not helping and is surprised; Hoot and Toot are shocked too. Frostini says he can make ice cream out of the Chestnuts and Blackberries in Hoot and Toots' wagon. He says he will call it "Frostini's Forsest Fruity Tooty", but Hoot suggests "Hooty Tooty Forest Fruity". Frostini agrees and says Hoot and Toot are his favourite helpers, causing Wilson to get more shocked.

The flavour is first mixed with cream. Frostini gets stressed as the chef wants to see him, and Wilson volunteers to keep an eye on things. Hoot and Toot say they will too, but Wilson sneakily says the can be very helpful if they can find Frostini more new flavours. Hoot and Toot scoot away. Wilson thinks he can be helpful if he made the ice cream for Frostini.

He tells the machine to "begin!" to put the tubs under the ice cream squirters, then he realises he meant to say "Start!" He starts singing "I'm Wilsontini making Ice Cream for Frostini!" Meanwhile, Hoot and Toot try to choose a new flavour; they think of brambles and bark flavoured ice cream and go and tell Wilson their new flavour. Meanwhile, Wilson is waiting for the ice cream to squirt out, but it doesn't. Then he realises it's waiting for a command, so he shouts "Squirt". The tubs fill up, but then Wilson thinks "Squirt" is a funny word, so starts making a song about it where the only words are "squirt", but the machine mistakes that for a command and overfills the tubs. He shouts "Shift!" and they move to the label machine. He says at least they haven't started to label, but the machine mistakes that for a command and sticks labels on it.

The lid of the tubs say pumpkin ice cream and Toot points it out to Wilson when the twins arrive. Hoot says "label" when noticing it, and then the machine sticks on more labels. Wilson shouts "Label!" when scolding Hoot, and the machine sticks more labels on. Wilson shouts "shift" again and it moves. Wilson realises there is not a wagon there and races to the place where the wagon should be...

The Hooty Tooty Forest Fruity falls all over the floor. Wilson realises he can't be in 3 places at once, but Toot says with their help he can, and the twins separate into 2. Hoot decided Wilson should do the mixing, Toot thinks she should do the tub filling and Hoot should label. Wilson apologises that he wouldn't let them help before. Toot say 3 chuggers are better then one, and they prepare the ice cream together. Wilson even picks up the dropped ice cream; this time a wagon is at the end so no ice cream drops on the floor.

Frostini comes stressed out and is happy to see the ice cream is ready to be taken to the festival. Wilson says he couldn't have done it without Hoot and Toot.


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