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"Stand aside snow! I'm a pro with a plow!"
— Harrison

Snowstruck Wilson is the twelfth episode of the second season.


At the beginning, Calley teaches the trainees how to use their snowploughs. At the end of the lesson, the trainees flash their snow lanterns and honk their horns to show they know what to do if get stuck. Wilson hopes there would be real snow on the next day.

When the trainees wake up on the next morning, they are surprised to see there's snow everywhere. Vee tells all the chuggers to start plowing snow off the tracks. Brewster and Koko know Vee didn't mean the trainees, but Wilson, being in awe for seeing snow for the first time, doesn't listen to them. After seeing there's no snowplow for him, Wilson begs Harrison to take him with him. Harrison tells Wilson a trainee is too inexperienced for this work, but eventually agrees to take Wilson with him.

Harrison tells Wilson to stay close to him, but Wilson soon gets distracted and forgets about it. After noticing Harrison isn't with him anymore, Wilson runs off to look for him but only ends up getting lost. Meanwhile, Vee warns all the chuggers that a blizzard is coming and they must return to the Depot. Harrison, after hearing Vee's warning and turning around on a turntable, finally realises Wilson's disappearance.

Wilson is freezing and seeks shelter from a tunnel. Wilson honks his snowhorn very loudly, hoping someone would hear him. Unfortunately, that causes snow to fall off the top of the tunnel, blocking the tracks and leaving the shivering Wilson completely trapped. Harrison, desperately seeking for Wilson, approaches the tunnel but decides to turn around after seeing the tracks are blocked. An owl inside the tunnel flies on Wilson's snow lantern, giving Wilson the idea to flash it.

Harrison notices the flashing light and returns to the tunnel, being extremely relived that Wilson's okay. Wilson apologises for not staying close to Harrison, while he tries to free Wilson from the tunnel. Harrison realises the snow drift is too high for him to plow. The two chuggers flash their lights and honk their horns as their last straw. Fortunately for them, Action Chugger is flying over the tunnel and notices them. Action Chugger rescues the freezing Wilson by melting the snow and takes him home Wilson through the air.







  • This marks the first 'winter' themed episode of the series.
  • At one point while Wilson is in the tunnel, he hums part of the instrumental to the opening theme song, Honk Your Horns.