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Speaker Dialogue
Wilson, Brewster and Koko are leaving the Ice Cream Factory, each coupled up to a refrigerator car. Emery passes by them.]
Koko Come on, you slow coaches! Let's get those wheels to the rails!
Wilson Frostini said we have plenty of time.
Koko But we have three ice cream deliveries to make to the Docks before the ship leaves!
Brewster Slow and steady wins the race!
Koko That's not a thing, Brewster. The fastest wins! That's what a race is! Come on, shift your gears, slow coach!
Title Card - Slow Coach Koko
[The trainees have arrived to the other side of the Old Town Junction tunnel.]
Koko Now I can finally show these chuggers how it's done! Bet you can't catch Koko!
[Koko activates her speed boosters and zooms through the Old Town Junction tunnel. Suddenly, when she takes the turn to Old Town, the back bogies of her refrigerator car start acting strange.]
Koko No, no, no, NO!
[Koko falls off the tracks to her side.]
Koko Aaaah!
Brewster Whoa!
Wilson (gasps)
Brewster and Wilson Koko!
Brewster Honking horns, are you alright?
Koko I... uh... I think so.
Wilson Well, don't move until we know for sure! Brewster! You stay with Koko while I'll get some help!
[Wilson leaves his refrigerator car behind and exits through the Old Town Junction tunnel. The scene cuts to him leaving CPHQ with Jackman. In the next shot Wilson and Jackman arrive at the Old Town Junction with CP6, the Mega Mover car. Brewster moves out of the way to allow Jackman to rerail Koko using his crane and push him to CP6.]
Koko Careful!
Jackman (UK dub only) You're gonna be okay, Koko - no need to worry.
[Jackman rerails Koko's refrigerator car and Brewster moves it out of the way. Wilson lets Jackman take CP6 and Koko and couples up to his own wagon.]
Koko I hate leaving you chuggers to do all the work alone.
Brewster Don't worry, Koko! We'll finish this run while you get checked out at the Repair Shed.
Koko Thanks.
Wilson No problemo!
[All the chuggers honk their horns to each other and exit the scene. The shot cuts to Jackman and Koko arriving at the Repair Shed; Emery and Zephie pass by looking at them. In the next shot Koko is inside the Repair Shed with Morgan examining her using the Chug Scan.]
Koko How bad is it, Morgan? Tell me the truth.
Chug Scan No faults detected! Everything in good working order.
Morgan You were very lucky, Koko! Just a couple of scrapes to your bodywork. But otherwise, you're good to go!
Koko You mean... I can get back to work?
Morgan I don't see why not!
Koko Traintastic! If I hurry, I bet I can catch Wilson and Brewster before they start the second delivery! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo!
[Koko leaves the Repair Shed with Morgan waving at her. Meanwhile, Wilson and Brewster return to the Ice Cream Factory.]
Frostini These cars are loaded with Frostini's latest frozen masterpiece - Butter Pecantalope!
Brewster Ooh! Sounds like a great one, Frostini!
Frostini Grazie, Brewster! But you chuggers are a little bit bit behind! Are you sure you can make these next two deliveries in time?
Brewster We'll do our best! We're - Koko? What are you doing here?
Koko Morgan said I was a-okay!
Wilson Perfecto!
Brewster Honking horns! That's really great news!
Koko And I'll be upfront - setting the pace! So, don't worry, Frostini, we'll be sure to make it!
Frostini Magnifico, Koko!
[The trainees are leaving the Ice Cream Factory again.]
Koko Okay, you slow coaches! Keep up with Koko!
Brewster Sigh... maybe we could slow down a bit?
Koko You heard Frostini - we'll have to make up for lost time! Let's go, go, go!
[The trainees arrive at the Safari Park.]
Wilson Wowzers! I feel like we're going at chug-a-sonic speed!
Koko Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Keep up, you two!
[A winded Brewster follows his friends. The scene cuts to the trainees arriving at the Depot. Koko is going at the front, approaching a tight turn - when the back wheel trucks of her refrigerator car start acting strange again. Koko gets scared and slows down to a stop, allowing Wilson to overtake her.]
Brewster Is something wrong, Koko?
Koko No, I'm okay.
[Wilson has already driven past the Clock Tower, finally realising that his friends aren't following him.]
Wilson Bumpers, where is everybody?
[Wilson backs up to Koko, who is now trying to make the turn extremely slowly.]
Wilson Why are you going so slow? A minute ago you couldn't go fast enough.
Koko I-I'm just being careful!
Brewster Koko, are you afraid of derailing again?
[Koko comes to a sudden stop, causing Brewster to bump into the back of her car.]
Koko Sigh.
Wilson Koko?
Koko Oh, I wanna go faster, I really do! I just... can't seem to.
Wilson How about we all go at your speed.
Koko Really? You'd do that for me?
Brewster Of course!
Wilson What are friends for?
Brewster You can do this!
Koko Aw, looks like I'm the slow coach now.
Brewster (laughs) You? That's not the Koko I know!
Wilson You're not gonna let a little tumble slow you down, are you?
Koko I guess not.
Wilson Okay then! Let's ride the rails!
[Wilson couples up to the front of Koko while Brewster couples up to the back of her car. The trainees continue their journey, soon arriving at Old Town Junction.]
Koko Umm, Brewster? Wilson? Steady! This is where it happened!
Brewster Don't worry!
[The trainees make the turn, going through the Old Town gate successfully.]
Koko We made it!
Wilson Of course we did! Don't forget who you are!
Brewster You're Koko!
[The trainees arrive at the Docks and honk their horns; Skipper Stu starts unloading the ice cream containers to the ship.]
Koko We did it! Woohoo!
Wilson Two deliveries down!
Brewster One to go!
Skipper Stu But very little time! Better hurry, chuggers - that ship has to leave soon!
[The trainees honk their horns and exit the Docks. The back wheel trucks of Koko's refrigerator car are shown to be acting funny again. The trio re-enters the Ice Cream Factory in the next shot; Koko honks her horn and Frostini responds to her.]
Frostini Mamma mia! How are you ever gonna make this last delivery in time?
Koko Don't worry, Frostini! We will!
Frostini I'm counting on you! Everyone knows when you want a job done fast, you call on Koko!
Koko Fastest chugger in town - nothing slows me down! Let's do this!
[While saying that, a bit of insecurity is shown on Koko's face. In the next shot, the trainees are approaching the Old Town Junction tunnel again, with the back wheel trucks of Koko's refrigerator car now visibly and audibly rattling. However, the trainees do not notice this.]
Koko Go, Koko, go, Koko, go, Koko!
[Koko notices they are about to enter the tunnel.]
Koko Oh, stop!
Wilson and Brewster Huh?
Koko Sigh... that bend's coming up! You should finish this delivery without me!
Wilson But we'll help you, like before!
Koko There's no time! Just take my car and go!
[Koko uncouples from her refrigerator car to let Brewster take it.]
Brewster But Koko...
Koko Please, Brewster! You need to hurry!
Brewster Okay then!
[Brewster couples up to the car.]
Wilson We'll be back soon!
[Wilson and Brewster chug into the tunnel. Now Koko finally notices the back wheel trucks of her car acting strange.]
Koko Gasp! That wheel is loose! Brewster's going to derail like I did! Wilson! Brewster! Slow down!
[Koko realizes her friends can't hear her anymore. The rattling of the broken wheel trucks eerily echoes in the tunnel.]
Koko Somebody has to do something!
[Koko regains her speed and zooms into the tunnel.]
Koko Slow down, you have to slow down!
[Koko catches up to his friends at the Old Town Junction. Brewster is about to take the turn to Old Town.]
Koko Stop!
[Koko couples up to Brewster's train of cars.]
Brewster Aah! I'm slipping!
[Koko puts on her brakes.]
Koko Hang on!
[With Koko's help, Brewster manages to stop.]
Brewster Whoa, that was close! I almost derailed! But why couldn't I stop?
Koko The car has a wobbly wheel! So when you hit the turn, it threw you off balance!
Brewster Wait a minute, Koko!
[Brewster tries to move the car to demonstrate it shaking and rattling around.]
Brewster You were pulling this car before!
Koko Yes! I thought it was going fast that made me derail, but it was actually the wheels!
Wilson Right! Because you just went really fast to save Brewster!
Koko I did! Like lightning!
Brewster Fastest trainee in town!
Koko I'm back! Go, Koko, go, Koko, go, Koko! Come on! We've got a delivery to make!
Brewster What about the car with the wobbly wheel?
Koko I'll use my booster and go and get help!
[Koko activates her speed boosters and zooms out of the scene. Koko's Song starts playing.]
Koko and Drew Ryan Scott
Who's that speeding on down the tracks?
Faster than fast
Throttle to the max
A bright green blur with a winning smile
I’ll win any race by a country mile!
Oh she’s Koko!
Fastest chugger in town!
Nothing slows me down!
See me fly around the bend!
Your traintastic friend!
My power’s electric
My speed’s bonafide
I move fast enough to catch my own backside
Fastest chugger in town!
Nothing slows me down!
See me fly around the bend!
Your traintastic friend!
[As the song plays, Koko is shown driving through the Safari Park, fetching Morgan from the Repair Shed and having him fix the broken car. The trainees continue their journey through the Safari Park and Rocky Ridge Quarry to the Docks and manage to make it in time. Skipper Stu loads the ice cream containers into the ship.]
Skipper Stu That's the last of the ice cream!
[The ship leaves.]
Brewster We did it!
[The trainees laugh.]
Wilson (imitating Frostini) Everyone knows when you want a job done fast, you call on Koko!
Koko (laughs) Thanks for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself!
Wilson Like we said, haha, what are friends for?
Koko Playing Chug Tag?
[Koko tags Brewster.]
Koko You're it, Brewster! You can't catch Koko!
Brewster That's not fair! You're too fast!
[The trainees start their game.]
Koko (to Wilson) Don't let him catch you, slow coach!
Wilson Oh, Koko! I think I liked you better when you were slow!