Slow Coach Koko is the first episode of Season 6.


Koko's confidence is shaken after she gets in an accident. Scared and second guessing herself, can she regain her speed in time to save Wilson and Brewster from trouble?



  • This episode marks the first of several things:
    • The first episode to be produced by Herschend Entertainment Studios.
    • The first episode where most of the characters are voiced by their new US dub voices.
    • The first episode where James Goode gives Skipper Stu a British accent in the US dub.
    • The first episode where Wilson, Brewster and Koko were voiced by Teddy West, Harry Reeve and Alyssa Burton in the UK dub, and Jordan C. Reed, Jacks Dean and Madigan Kacmar in the US dub.
    • The first episode to have music composed by Alex Geringas and Karam Salem.
    • The first episode to air in the UK after six years of hiatus.
    • The first episode to be released under the title, Tales from the Rails.
  • Koko's Song from Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! is played during the episode.
  • Jackman, despite having a role, doesn't speak in the US dub of the episode. However, he has a line in the UK version.


  • In the UK end credits, Michael Byers is not credited for voicing Jackman.



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