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Title Card - Sleepyhead Koko
[Brewster and Wilson are driving around the Depot. Vee makes her signature announcement sound.]
Vee Gather around, chuggers! I have some good news.
Brewster Honking horns! I love good news.
Wilson It's way better than bad news.
[Koko enters the scene through the Red Tunnel as Vee starts talking.]
Vee The Mayor is holding a special ceremony at the Docks tomorrow to launch a brand new cargo ship.
Brewster and Koko Ooh!
Wilson Wowzer!
Vee And it's important that she gets to the ceremony on time. So, the Mayor has decided which train will pick her up and take her there. She's chosen... Koko!
Koko (gasps) Me?
Vee Yes, you, Koko. You're the fastest trainee and I told the Mayor you are a very responsible chugger.
Koko The Mayor chose me!
Wilson Yay Koko!
Brewster Nice.
[Wilson and Brewster leave.]
Vee I recommend that you arrive on the dot.
Koko Don't worry! I'll be there way before the dot.
Vee And make sure you have a good night's sleep - you have a big day tomorrow!
Koko Okay, Vee! Oh, this is so exciting!
[A transition to the trainees going to sleep at their Roundhouse.]
Koko I'm going to pick up the Mayor. I'm going to pick up the Mayor! I better get some sleep like Vee said.
[A few hours pass by. Wilson and Brewster are asleep now; Koko, however, is still awake.]
Koko Oh, I'm too excited to sleep! What am I gonna do? I know what'll make me tired - a few laps around the Speed Track!
[Koko leaves the Roundhouses. The shot transitions to her speeding around the Chug-a-Sonic Speed Track.]
Koko Woohoo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo!
[An exhausted Koko returns to her Roundhouse cabin.]
Koko (yawns) Okay, I think I can finally sleep now. (yawns again)
[Koko falls asleep. Soon, the morning comes.]
Vee Time to wake up, Chuggington!
[Koko still continues to sleep. Brewster and Wilson look at her.]
Brewster We gotta wake her. She has to pick up the Mayor soon!
[Brewster honks his horn loudly.]
Koko Huh? What?
[Koko falls asleep again; Brewster honks his horn again.]
Koko Ugh, please stop doing that!
Wilson What's wrong, Koko? Why are you so tired?
Koko I was too excited to sleep, so I stayed up all night! Now I'm too tired to wake up! (yawns)
Brewster Come on, Koko! All you have to do is put your wheels to the rails!
[Koko has fallen asleep again.]
Brewster Uh, Koko?
Koko (asleep) Hanzo... just one more lap...
Brewster This is worse than I thought.
Wilson We've gotta find a way to keep her awake so she can pick up the mayor for the big ceremony today.
[A transition to the three trainees at the Roundhouse Park.]
Wilson Nothing keeps a motor running like a good game of Chug Tag!
Koko Sounds good... wake me up when it's over. (yawns)
[Wilson honks his horn.]
Wilson Come on, Koko, you gotta stay awake! I'll count to three, so you better start chugging! One, two...
[Brewster and Koko zoom off. Koko is driving a lot slower than usual.]
Koko Look at me go... you'll never catch...
[Wilson catches up to Koko and tags her with ease.]
Wilson Tag! You're it!
Koko Huh? Okay! Ready or not, here I... come...
[Koko falls asleep. Brewster honks his horn.]
Koko I'm awake! I'm awake! One, two...
Brewster Can't catch us!
Wilson No way, no how!
[Koko falls asleep again. Wilson and Brewster stop to look at her from the other side of the park. They both honk their horns, but Koko can't hear them.]
Brewster Honking horns! We need to find another way to keep her awake.
[The shot transitions to Koko at the Chug Wash.]
Koko Wow, this is traintastic! I've never felt so awake! Look at all those floaty bubbles! They're so floaty... the way they... float...
Brewster This oughta do the trick!
Wilson And make her all clean and shiny!
[Koko comes out of the Chug Wash and falls asleep right in front of the two. Brewster and Wilson look at each other and honk their horns again.]
Koko What? I'm awake! I'm... I'm awake!
[Suddenly, the Depot clock starts striking twelve.]
Koko Oh, it's already midday! I've got to go pick up the Mayor! But... I can't remember where Vee told me to go! I'm so sleepy...
Brewster You could ask her again.
Koko No, I can't! I'm supposed to be a responsible chugger.
Wilson What can we do?
Koko Help me find the Mayor?
Brewster Okay! We'll check every platform in Chuggington.
Wilson Wheels to the rails!
[Wilson and Brewster leave. Koko slowly leaves after them.]
Koko (yawns) Gotta find the Mayor! (yawn)
[Wilson is driving around the back of CPHQ while Brewster looks around Rocky Ridge Quarry. Wilson checks the Ice Cream Factory and both are seen driving around the Speed Track, until Wilson finally finds the Mayor at the Safari Park.]
Wilson There you are! Erm... I mean, uh, hello, Mayor Pullman!
Mayor Pullman Hello, um, Wilson, isn't it? I was expecting Koko.
Wilson Yes, she's... uh... just getting ready! I'll go hurry her along!
[Wilson meets Brewster at the Rocky Ridge Rickety Bridge and honks his horn.]
Wilson Brewster! I found her! At the Safari Park station.
Brewster Great! I'll tell Koko, you stall the Mayor!
[Brewster arrives at the Depot, driving past the Coloured Tunnels - until he hears a strange sound coming from the Yellow one.]
Brewster Koko! Where are you? What's that sound... sounds like a bee talking to a hummingbird.
[Brewster drives into the tunnel and finds Koko sleeping inside of it. Brewster honks his horn.]
Koko Wha- huh? Where am I?
Brewster Uh, you're in a tunnel.
Koko Oh yea! I was chugging through here as I was looking for the Mayor, but it was so cool... and dark... that I... I...
[Koko falls asleep once again. Brewster honks his horn twice.]
Brewster Come on, Koko! Wilson found the Mayor at the Safari Park station!
Koko Traintastic! And she's still waiting for me?
Brewster Yeah, Wilson's stalling her! I'm sure he's got her completely entertained!
[The shot transitions to Mayor Pullman resisting the urge to fall asleep.]
Wilson And then, all the jelly beans came spilling out on the tracks! Oh, and wait 'til I tell you about my first day at the Ice Cream Factory! Do you have a minute?
Mayor Pullman Not really!
Wilson Well, I was just a new trainee looking for something fun, when...
[Meanwhile, Koko and Brewster are exiting the Yellow Tunnel.]
Koko No worries! I'm ready to go! Chugga chugga chugga...
[Koko flls asleep in the middle of her sentence. Brewster sighs loudly and honks his horn.]
Koko Eek! Ugh... I shouldn't have stayed up all night! Look at me! Can you pick up the Mayor, Brewster? I'm just too sleepy.
Brewster What? I wouldn't dream of taking your special pickup! The Mayor chose you! You have to do it, Koko!
Koko But how? If you're not there to honk me awake, I'll just keep falling asleep.
Brewster Wait! Honking horns, that's it! Maybe you can honk yourself awake!
Koko Honk myself? Yeah... maybe I can!
[Koko and Brewster travel through the countryside and Rocky Ridge Mountain as "Honk Yourself Awake" plays in the background.]
Brewster You got to get a move on, I mean please
Koko All I want to do is catch some Z's
Brewster Getting the job done, that's what it's about
Koko But can't you see I'm conking out!
Try this!
Rev your engine,
Vroom, vroom!
Flap your doors,
Clang, clang!
We better try something else and try it quick
I know what will do the trick
You got to honk yourself awake
Honk yourself awake
The mayor is waiting for goodness sake
There's so much at stake
Let's rumble and shake
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
You got to honk yourself awake
No time to doze and no time to stop
Koko Sorry, Brewster, I'm too pooped to pop
Brewster Koko, my friend, there's not a moment to lose
Koko All I want to do is snooze...
Try this!
Rev your engine,
Vroom, vroom!
Flap your doors,
Clang, clang!
We better try something else and try it quick
I know what will do the trick
You got to honk yourself awake
Honk yourself awake
The mayor is waiting for goodness sake
There's so much at stake
Let's rumble and shake
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
You got to honk yourself awake!
[Meanwhile, Wilson is still talking to the Mayor, who's now sitting on a bench and - not exactly enjoying Wilson's stories - has buried her face in her hands.]
Wilson And then - Frostini let me try it! But I accidentally added hot sauce (UK dub) / jalapeños (US dub) and wowzers - that ice cream was spicy! Eddie turned bright red!
[Koko arrives.]
Koko Hello, your honour (UK dub) / madam Mayor (US dub)!
Mayor Pullman Koko! Am I glad to see you - I mean, thanks for coming.
Koko I'm so sorry I'm late! I was... delayed. I'll tell you all about it, but it's kind of a snore. (chuckles) Anyway, don't worry - we'll still make it to the Docks in plenty of time!
Mayor Pullman Excellent!
Koko Thanks, Wilson! I'll take it from here.
Wilson Go Koko!
Koko Chugga chugga - (yawn) - choo choo!
Brewster Remember - honk yourself awake!
[The trainees soon arrive at the Docks. Koko briefly stops to let the Mayor out of her carriage.]
Mayor Pullman Greetings, Chuggington! I'm thrilled to be here to launch our newest cargo ship - the S.S. Slumber!
Brewster What?
Wilson No way!
Mayor Pullman But first - I want to thank an energetic little chugger for getting me to the Docks on time. Let's hear it for Koko!
[The audience gives an applause to Koko - who is sleeping inside one of the buildings. Suddenly, the horn of the SS Slumber is honked.]
Koko Huh? Right - yes, wheels to the rails!
[Everyone laughs.]