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Background information[]

Skylar is a fictional diesel crane locomotive created by Sarah Ball.

Until his removal from the series, Skylar would appear semi-regularly throughout the series; usually serving as a supporting character for most episodes.

Skylar is most likely a hybrid of a rail ROBEL work crane truck and a Railpower GG20B. He is painted yellow and bright orange with black highlights and underbody. His bogies are black and orange.

Calley has not appeared in the series since the fifth series, but her original CGI model was reused for Rosa, a character introduced in the sixth series.

CGI model[]

In 2010, Skylar was modelled by Ludorum during the production of the third series. The model was modelled in either Sketchup or Maya, two 3D modelling softwares. The final model was animated in Maya. The model was last used in the fifth series episode, Fletch Shines.

Upon his removal prior the sixth series, Skylar's model was modified and used as Rosa, a chugger from San Locomota who works with the Chuggineers. Rosa's model only differntiates from Skylar's in its Caribbean green and red livery. Skylar's model was used as Rosa's in several storyboards of the sixth series.


Texture variants[]

In addition to his standard livery, three other texture variants exist of Skylar's CGI model. These include:

Voice actors[]