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“It's crane time!”
―Skylar's catchphrase

Skylar is a yellow rail crane who was introduced in the third season. He is a cool crane chugger who has graduated from the teacher-training academy.


Skylar was sent to Chuggington because of Dunbar's temporary retirement to explore the world. At first Brewster wasn't fond of Skylar because he missed Dunbar, whilst Wilson and Koko did. Soon Brewster got used to him. He regularly taught the trainees. After Dunbar's unexplained return Skylar quit teaching the Trainees. It is possible that he could just be teaching Hoot, Toot, and Piper. Whether he's teaching or not is unknown. Whatever he's doing, he's still working in Chuggington.

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Skylar is likely based on a rail ROBEL work crane truck, commonly used in Europe. He is also similar to a Railpower GG20B, hence his cab design. Rosa shares the same possible basis.


Skylar is painted yellow with an orange cab, orange window frames (save for the front window frames, which are painted black), and black underbody. One of his hatches are also orange. His bogies are black and orange.





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  • In German, he is called "Sascha".
  • His personality is inspired and based from African-American astronaut Victor J. Glover, who in real life worked on robotic cranes for NASA.
  • Skylar has not appeared on the show since the fifth season episode, Fletch Shines, as his model was recycled for Rosa, who was introduced in the sixth season.
  • For each new season in the American dub until his removal in the sixth season, Skylar would receive a new voice actor.
  • He is the first crane chugger to appear on the show. The second is Jackman, the third is Russ, and the fourth is Rosa.