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— Skipper Stu's catchphrase

Skipper Stu is a blue diesel who runs The Docks. He was introduced in the fifth season. His assistants are Harry, Hamish, Russ, and Tai.


Skipper Stu runs a tight ship as Dock Master! He’s controller of the dock crane and organizes the loading and unloading of ships and sorting containers.

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Skipper Stu's exact basis is unknown. However, he appears to resemble a EMD G12 with a shortened nose, evident by the cab design and the inclusion of buffers.


Skipper Stu is painted both bright and pale blue with a royal blue cab roof, black underbody, silver handrails, cab lining and vents, white buffers and red lining along his body. Skipper Stu also retains much weathering along his paintwork.




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  • Starting from the sixth season onwards, James Goode provides a British accent for Skipper Stu in the US dub as opposed to an American accent like in the fifth season. The same case applied for Hamish.
  • Despite being voiced by the same actor in both dubs, James Goode gives Skipper Stu an American accent in the US dub as opposed to his British accent in the UK dub. He is the fourth character to be in this situation, the first being Harrison, the second being Decka, the third being Asher, and the fifth and sixth being Harry and Hamish. This only applied for Season 5 only however.
  • Skipper Stu is the only chugger to date with the Bo-Co configuration.
  • He is also, so far, the only chugger who has a horn and a whistle at the same time, which is often found in real trains.

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