Chuggington Wiki

The Silver Mine Line was a mining route that lead to a mine containing large amounts of silver. Once the mines dried up, the line was abandoned.

A station was later built at the junction for the line.


The line begins at what is now Silver Hopper Station, with the junction to the left of it.

At the beginning of the Old Forest, there is a siding where an isolated mining wagon resides. Beyond this point, the track becomes rusted and is extremely overgrown with vines and trees.

The line reaches a now dried up moat, which is crossed via a small bridge. This bridge eventually collapsed, but was repaired by Brewster.

The line reaches a checkpoint with a few sidings, as well as a loop to turn around. The track beyond the checkpoint is blocked, but leads to a stone bridge crossing the Green Line that was demolished by the Chuggineers in On Track Brewster.

Nothing else beyond the bridge has been seen, but it is implied that there is an actual mining station at the end of the line.