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“So, what's it like being a chugger, then?"
"Well, it's hard work, but... Ah! That's it! Boys and girls, welcome to Brewster's 'A Day in the Life of a Chugger' Tour!”
―A kid and Brewster

Show and Tell Brewster is the seventh episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the thirty-third episode overall.


Brewster arrives at the Depot to meet Vee, who instructs him on how to earn his "show and tell" badge- Brewster must invent a fun tour that teaches a group of children "a little bit about Chuggington." Brewster entertains different places to bring his passengers, when one of them asks what it is like to be a chugger. This gives Brewster the idea that he calls "Brewster's a Day in the Life of a Chugger Tour".

Firstly, Brewster takes his passengers to the Roundhouses- however, it is empty and rather boring. The same thing occurs at the Fuel Yard, though the children are amused by Old Puffer Pete singing in the Chug Wash. Unfortunately, Brewster leaves before they can say anything. At the Rolling Stock Yard, the children stop paying attention all together, and are further disappointed when they miss a chance to have some of Frostini's ice cream. Brewster then takes his passengers to the Training Yard.

At the Training Yard, Brewster demonstrates coupling and uncoupling, and the children begin to complain that the tour is boring. Saddened, Brewster accidentally couples to the dummy passenger wagon and leaves, much to the children's confusion. At the Depot, Koko points out Brewster's mistake and he goes to find his passengers. Back at the Training Yard, Brewster finds Wilson having fun with the children on the turntable. Brewster explains that he wanted to show his passengers a chugger's working day, to which Wilson states that chugger do work hard, but have fun, too. Brewster then announces "Brewster's Laugh and Learn Tour", to which his passengers are delighted.

Brewster takes his passengers through the underground tunnels, along the elevated track, through the brake tester at the Training Yard, and to the Storm Maker. Brewster then returns to the Training Yard to earn his badge, though he is so tired that he has fallen asleep.


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