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Chuggington Docks sees a wide variety of ships come in and out with deliveries of cargo from across the world.

Captain Charlie's Ship[]

Captain Charlie often visits with a large container ship, frequently taking on a variety of cargo. Among the freight carried through his services are bricks, sand, logs, oil, apples, spices, flowers, tea, additional construction materials, fuel, rails, and various express deliveries for Daley. Most occasions it is a black container ship, although in Spy Train, he comes in a blue container ship.


Captain Charlie's services have been nearly delayed on a few occasions, as well as being used to assist on them. The breakdown of the Massive Crane almost prevented an important consignment of rails from getting loaded and delivered. When the Steam Crane proved useful, but in need of shifting, Captain Charlie and Skipper Stu use the ship to pull it onto a trio of container wagon lines to complete the job. The ship also delivered new parts for the Lighthouse after a fire damaged the upper half of it. When the trainees confused Hamish's delivering of apples for him leaving Chuggington, their attempts to stop him caused the final loads to be loaded on board at the very last second (and just in time, as another boat for Trainsylvania would not be bound for another week.)


Captain Charlie's ship is painted with a black hull, a white wheelhouse, white stripes along the hull, an orange smokestack with a black top, bright orange speaking tubes, and the Shipping logo on the rear sides of the hull. In Spy Train, it uses an alternate model with a blue hull and white deck cranes.




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The S.S. Slumber[]

In Sleepyhead Koko, Mayor Pullman christens a new cargo ship called "The S.S. Slumber" The name proves humorously ironic to Wilson and Brewster, as Koko (the Mayor's escort to the event) had spent the day unable to stay awake.


The S.S. Slumber is painted with a sky blue hull, a white wheelhouse, white stripes along the hull, an orange smokestack with a black top, bright orange speaking tubes, white deck cranes, and the Shipping logo on the rear sides of the hull.



Other Ships[]

There have been other ships utilizing the same models of the two named vessels, although it is unknown if it is either or.

A blue ship was used during Brewster's training on the Massive Crane, which was later loaded on with real cargo, as well as Russ (who left for a holiday to New Trainland before returning the next day.)

Another blue ship was used during Koko's obstacle course to choose between Brewster, Wilson, and Zephie as a partner for the Rip-Roarin' Relay Race, with the two older trainees pulling with ease, and the little trolley not making much progress.

A black ship wound up running into the loading dock much too fast during Koko's runs with a hydraulic power booster, causing crates of fruit to be spilled all over the dockyard.

Another black ship nearly ran aground when the Drop and Load Crane's new turbo motor drained the Lighthouse of it's power, narrowly prevented by Brewster and Hodge warning Cormac to shut it down in time.

Another ship delivered a special monument for a Chuggington celebration.


  • The blue ship (The S.S. Slumber) was modelled first, and later modified into the black ship model. Modifications between the two included:
    • The removal of two deck cranes.
    • An additional pair of speaking tubes in place of the removed cranes.
  • The ships are the only other vehicles besides the locomotives to appear in the series.