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Title Card - Share the Load
[ Action Chugger flies around the Depot as Brewster, Hoot and Toot follow behind into the Loading Yard to meet him.]
Brewster Hurry up, Hoot and Toot! It's time for Badge Quest!
Hoot Wow!
Toot Yes!
Action Chugger Greeting, trainees. Who wants to earn a Share-the-Load Badge?
Hoot and Toot We do! We do!
Brewster Me!
Action Chugger I'm showing my new film, Lightyear Chugger, later. Can you help me get everything ready?
Hoot and Toot Yeah!
Brewster We'd love to!
Action Chugger Chug-tastic! There's posters to put up, the ride-in to tidy and the mayor would need a lift.
Brewster No problem!
Hoot and Toot Easy peasy!
Action Chugger There's a lot to do, so work together and share the load. Good luck!
[Action Chugger flies away.]
Brewster I'll put up the posters, tidy the ride-in, and you... nah, I better pick up the mayor too.
Hoot We're good at posters.
Brewster Well... okay.
[Brewster, Hoot and Toot end up at the Rolling Stock Yard to pick up their rolling stock. The twins collect the pasting car while Brewster grabs the litter picking wagon.]
Brewster Are you sure you can do this on your own?
Toot We're not on our own. He-he, there's two of us.
Hoot I'll paste.
Toot No, I'll paste and you'll place.
Hoot That's not fair!
[Hoot and Toot leave the yard.]
Brewster I hope they'll be alright. I really want Action Chugger to give me this badge.
[Brewster is cleaning the area of the countryside ride-in. Koko rolls in with the popcorn car.]
Koko Hi, Brewster! Just dropping this off.
Brewster Thanks, Koko. Hey, have you seen Hoot and Toot?
Koko Yeah. They were arguing and... (giggles) well, look...
[Koko rolls forward to reveal an Action Chugger poster pasted on her rear.]
Brewster Oh, honking horns! I knew I shouldn't have left them on their own!
[Brewster angrily leaves the ride-in in a hurry.]
Koko Don't worry! They're doing... oh, fine now.
[Hoot and Toot are shown pasting posters near Trackside Towers. Brewster jumps by next to them giving Hoot a fright and uncoupling from the pasting car.]
Brewster Hey -
Hoot Ahhh!
Brewster Make sure its straight!
[The poster sloppily falls to ground.]
Brewster Oh, no! Look what you've done!
Hoot You made me jump.
Brewster I'll show you how to do it, okay?
[Brewster couples up to the pasting car.]
Toot We know how it works.
[Brewster, ignoring Toot, grabs a new poster from the rack.]
Brewster Now, watch me!
[Brewster spreads plaster on the back of the poster.]
Brewster Paste...
[Brewster then places the poster on to the frame.]
Brewster Place...
[Brewster takes the roller and presses on the poster to stick in place.]
Brewster ...And press!
Hoot (whispers to Toot) Why is he doing this?
Toot (whispers to Hoot) Yeah, he's got his own job to do.
[Brewster, unaware, rolls forward and repeats the process.]
Brewster ...And again! Paste, place...
Toot Come on, Hoot, let's scoot!
[Hoot and Toot leave Brewster on his own.]
Brewster ...And press. Y'see, the trick is to really get the paste on the corners. I'll just show you that again.
[Brewster goes all around the city, putting up posters at every major stations. Action Chugger flies and stops in front of Brewster.]
Action Chugger Looking good, Brewster! Half an hour to go. Gotta fly!
Brewster Yeah, see you at the ride-in! Ah! The ride-in! I've been so busy doing Hoot and Toot's job, I forgot to do my own!
[Brewster passes Decka who rings her bell and horn, picking up passengers by the countryside intersection.]
Brewster I can't possibly clean up the ride-in and pick the mayor. Oh... I need help.
[Koko rushes around the curve and stops next to Brewster.]
Brewster Oh, Koko! Have you seen Hoot and Toot?
Koko No, sorry, Brewster.
[Koko leaves as Decka follows right behind.]
Decka Next stop, the ride-in! Oh, I'm so excited! I do love a good movie!
[Brewster sadly enters the ride-in, disappointed in himself.]
Brewster I really let Action Chugger down, and Hoot and Toot, we won't get our badges thanks to me.
[Hoot and Toot horn their horns as it shows them cleaning the ride-in.]
Toot Finished!
Hoot Me too!
Brewster Honking horns! You've done an amazing job!
Toot Two chugs are better than one.
Brewster Yeah, and three even better. I'm sorry I didn't let you work. You two do know what you're doing.
Toot We try.
Brewster What if you get everyone settled in and I'll pick up the mayor?
[Time passes and the new Action Chugger movie is about to premiere. The rest of the chuggers appear at the ride-in cheering for the film. Mayor Pullman is at the platform, waving to the audience. Brewster, Hoot and Toot find a shot near the screen as Action Chugger flies above the chuggers.
Action Chugger Welcome, citizens. And thanks to Brewster, Hoot and Toot for getting everything ready.
[The chuggers cheer in the background as three badges appear on the big screen.]
Koko Ooh!
Action Chugger Congratulations. You've earned your Share-the-Load badges.
Brewster, Hoot and Toot Yeah!
Brewster Thanks, Action Chugger!
Toot We did it!
Action Chugger Just one job left. Can you introduce the movie?
Brewster Light...
Hoot Year...
Toot Chugger!
Action Chugger What a team. Let's roll the film!
[Action Chugger flies away as his smoke trails fills the screen.]