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“Honking horns! You've done an amazing job!"
"Two chuggers are better than one."
"Yeah, and three are even better. I'm sorry I didn't let you do your work. You two really
do know what you're doing!”
―Brewster and Toot

Share the Load is the sixth episode of the third part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the forty-fifth episode overall.


Brewster, Hoot and Toot arrive at the Depot to meet Action Chugger, who instructs them on how to earn their "Share the Load" badge- Action Chugger is showing his new film, Lightyear Chugger later, and he wants the trainees to help him get everything ready- there are posters to put up, the ride-in to tidy, and the mayor, who will need a lift there. Action Chugger leaves, to which Hoot and Toot figure that they should put up the posters; Brewster, unconfident about their ability to do the job on their own, reluctantly agrees.

At the ride-in, Brewster is tidying up, and Koko drops off the popcorn car. Brewster asks if she has seen Hoot and Toot, to which she shows the Action Chugger poster the twins accidentally placed on her rear. Brewster leaves to go help them before Koko can tell Brewster that they are doing fine now.

In the city, Brewster shouts at Hoot while he is pasting, causing the poster to slide onto the ground; not realising his mistake, Brewster blames this on Hoot. He then demonstrates the pasting car to Hoot and Toot, despite the fact that they already know how to use it, and that Brewster has his own job to do- they soon leave. After a while, Brewster finishes putting up the posters, and Action Chugger comes and tells him that there are thirty minutes until the film starts. Thinking of the ride-in, Brewster realises that he has been so busy doing Hoot and Toot's job that he forgot to do his own.

On his way to the ride-in, Brewster accepts that he has no choice but to ask for Hoot and Toot's help, but he cannot seem to find them. Brewster arrives at the ride-in to find that Hoot and Toot have just finished cleaning the ride-in. Brewster apologies for not telling them do their work, and suggests that Hoot and Toot get everyone settled in, and he picks up the mayor. The film premiere begins with Action Chugger thanking the trainees for their help, and presents them their badges.


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  • Decka's single line of dialogue would later be reused in the fourth season episode, Wilson's Forest Flare.
  • This marks the final appearance of Chuggington Central Station's original design before its refurbished design in the fourth season.


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