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“Oh, Emery said we're doing this all wrong; but I can't see another way to load these silly shapes.”

Shape Up is the sixth episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the thirty-second episode overall.


Wilson and Koko head over to the depot to meet Vee, who instructs them on how to earn their "loading" badges. They will have to pick up blocks and bring them to Vee without dropping or leaving any behind. Once the trainees got to the Training Yard, they started having some fun playing around with the little blocks set up for them. Soon, they filled up their cars to the top. But just as they started moving, they all fell all over the wagons.

Both Wilson and Koko picked up the blocks all over again, but Koko left leaving loads of parts behind. Emery came along and suggested to take different kinds of blocks. Wilson can take the red blocks and Koko can take the green ones. A little frustrated, she went back and decided to start all over again. Both chuggers sighed for a way to fit the shapes neatly without knocking them over. Suddenly, Wilson found a way to load them: By putting the shapes together like a puzzle. Putting the pieces together, Wilson and Koko quickly got their wagons loaded up, and rushed off to see Vee. Both of them earned their "loading" badges.


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  • Instead of going through the entering from the Training Yard, Wilson and Koko enter through the Loading Yard, but end up inside the Training Yard either way.

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