sixth season of Chuggington is currently in production for delivery and release in Spring 2020. It will be the first season to be produced by Herschend Entertainment Studios, following their purchase of Ludorum. Michael G. Stern (Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates) will serve as both head writer and co-executive producer, while Julie Phillips (VP of H.E.S.) will serve as executive produce.

The new season will have "a fresh approach with new formats, elements, and storytelling styles."[1] New characters, expanded locations, and a musical soundtrack will be added, with some episodes being standalone, while others will be written to make up larger story arcs.[2]

Alongside the new season, a series of 26 1.5-minute live action/animated hybrid shorts will be produced to "to allow for increased audience interaction with the world and characters of Chuggington." The series will be produced "being developed in partnership with Alpha Group and leadership from the broader HE family of businesses to ensure an organic 360 franchise for the relaunch."[3]


"Season six of Chuggington will continue to delight preschoolers on A-list broadcast networks and top streaming platforms worldwide. In the new season, everyone’s favorite trio of trainees, Wilson, Brewster, and Koko, will embark upon exciting adventures that encourage teamwork, friendship, and fun, highlighted by a toe-tapping new soundtrack. Award-winning writer/producer Michael G. Stern (Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First) leads production, serving as head writer and co-executive producer.

The new season (52 x 10’) is all about discovery, getting to know the unique characters and the inner workings of the locations that make Chuggington so special. It’s a fresh celebration of the diversity, friendships, and adventures that have delighted audiences for the past ten years. To top it off, live action kids globally will journey into the animated world of Chuggington through an all-new hybrid live action / animated short format (26 x 1.5’)."[4]


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  • This will mark the first season to produced without the involvement of Sarah Ball.
  • Season 6 will mark the return of Chuggington after four years of hiatus.


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