Season 5 of Chuggington aired on 18th May 2015 in the UK. It is the final season of the series.


  1. First Responder Calley - Calley worries that she doesn't have a specialty, but she proves she is great all-rounder.
  2. Sinkhole Rescue - Brewster is trapped when he falls into a sinkhole.
  3. Cormac Patrol - Cormac finds himself with nothing to do until the Chug Patrollers need rescuing.
  4. Trainee Camp - The trainees go to a camp to learn to work as a team and acquire new skills.
  5. Tour Guide Harrison - Harrison must devise a special tour of Chuggington to pass his tour guide test.
  6. Delivery Challenge - Cormac challenges Old Puffer Pete to a delivery contest.
  7. Koko Express - Koko learns that being careful and quick is the trick to being an express courier train.
  8. Skipper Stu and the Steam Crane - When the docks' crane breaks down, Skipper Stu must find another way to load the ship.
  9. Chug Patrol Chief - In sub-zero temperatures, Jackman must find a way to get fuel from the inaccessible docks.
  10. Fletch Shines - Fletch repairs the lighthouse by himself and discovers that being in charge is hard.





  • Due to the decline of overall views and mixed reviews, the developers abruptly shut down futher production of the Season 5 episodes, which is why it is only 10 episodes long and thus the shortest season.
  • Eddie was not seen at all in this season, because off camera he was fired. Hodge is more relaxed and happier as he is no longer in that unstable relationship with Eddie.