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The fifth series of Chuggington began airing in 6th March 2015 in the US 18th May 2015 in the UK; being the final Ludorum produced season of the series before the company was purchased and liquidated by the current owner of the series, Herschend Entertainment Studios in 2018.


Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
FirstResponderCalleyPromo.jpg First Responder Calley Sarah Ball 18th May 2015 #1
Calley begins to feel that she has no purpose on the Chug Patrol team- however, she seems to have found the perfect job.
SinkholeRescuePromo3.jpg Sinkhole Rescue Lorelei King 19th May 2015 #2
Wilson and Brewster are practicing with their wagons when the ground collapses under Brewster- can Wilson save him in time?
CormacPatrolPromo.jpg Cormac Patrol Sarah Ball 20th May 2015 #3
Cormac finds himself with nothing to do until the Chug Patrollers need rescuing.
TraineeCampPromo.jpg Trainee Camp Sarah Ball 21st May 2015 #4
Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Hoot and Toot are assigned to build a camp in the mountains; due to their bickering, the twins forget a number of the materials. Can the trainees use what they have to build the camp before Tyne and Skylar arrive?
TourGuideHarrisonPromo.jpg Tour Guide Harrison Sarah Ball 22nd May 2015 #5
Harrison must devise a special tour of Chuggington to pass his tour guide test.
DeliveryChallengePromo.jpg Delivery Challenge Sarah Ball 25th May 2015 #6
Cormac challenges Old Puffer Pete to a delivery contest.
KokoExpressPromo2.jpg Koko Express Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 26th May 2015 #7
Koko learns that being careful and quick is the trick to being an express courier train.
SkipperStuandtheSteamCranePromo.jpg Skipper Stu and the Steam Crane Sarah Ball 27th May 2015 #8
Skipper Stu, Harry, Hamish, and Russ need to load a ship that is arriving soon; when the modern crane fails to load the ship, Old Puffer Pete spots the old steam crane and has an idea.
ChugPatrolChiefPromo.jpg Chug Patrol Chief Sarah Ball 28th May 2015 #9
The chuggers at the docks are unable to pull the diesel tankers up to the Depot, meaning that all diesel chuggers will soon not be able to move. In urgency, Jackman and Asher team up with Koko, Olwin and Old Puffer Pete to retrieve the tankers.
FletchShinesPromo.jpg Fletch Shines Sarah Ball 29th May 2015 #10
After a fire breaks out inside the lighthouse during the night, the Chuggineers are needed to replace the top section. However, due to a crack in the track in need of urgent repair, Fletch is the only Chuggineer available- he soon learns that being in charge is not the easiest thing.


Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
KokoExpresspromo4.jpg Delivery Dash at the Docks Sarah Ball & Lorelei King 21st November 2021 #01
Koko is thrilled to be spending the day training with Daley, Chuggington's new express delivery engine. Meanwhile at the Docks, Skipper Stu is having problems with the crane, and has to find another way to load the ship
ChugPatrolChief149.jpeg The Big Freeze Sarah Ball 2nd January 2021 #02
As icy weather hits Chuggington, the Docks becomes unable to get the latest batch of diesel tankers to the Working Wheels Yard. Simultaneously, a fire breaks out at the Docks' lighthouse, with Fletch being put in charge to replace the top section.


Screenshot Title Composer Original release date
KokoExpress20.jpeg Ship Arriving Chris McHale March 2015 (US; TV)
Heave! Ho! Lads, pull back! Take up the slack...


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  • Due to the decline of overall views and sales, TOMY funded the entirety of this season, which lead to a 10-episode order; the shortest of the series' run. Following the cancellation of their Master Toy License agreement, continued declines (through both the Chuggington: Little Trainees shorts and the Jazwares toyline due to the less quality standard) lead to TOMY's partnership drawing to a close by May 2018 and the series to enter an abrupt, four-year hiatus.
  • It took more than six years for the UK to see the season released in its entirety. While the individual episodes all aired on CBeebies in May 2015, the UK dub of The Big Freeze was not released officially until January of 2021. Delivery Dash at the Docks finally received its UK premiere on CBeebies in November of 2021.
  • Trainee Camp is the only episode from this season to have received any sort of release on DVD in the UK. It was featured on one of the BBC's Children in Need compilations, titled "Pudsey and Friends" of which the episode is included.
    • Coincidently, the DVD was distributed by Abbey Home Media, whose contract with Ludorum had ended after the fourth season.
  • This is the first season to be released on Disney Junior in the US before it was released on CBeebies in the UK.
  • This season marks the only occurrence of several things:
    • The only season to feature Daley, Russ, Harry and Captain Charlie, all of whom are introduced in this season.
    • The only season where Action Chugger, Piper, and Zephie do not have a speaking role.
    • The only season where James Goode and Richard Ridings give Skipper Stu and Hamish American accents in the US dub.
    • The only season where neither Wilson, Brewster nor Koko appear in one episode.
    • The only season to have only two writers, Sarah Ball and Lorelei King, making this the season with the least amount writers.
  • This season marks the final occurrence of several things:
    • The last season to be produced completely by Ludorum.
    • The last season to feature most of the original US dub voices, before they were re-casted starting from Season 6 onwards.
    • The last appearances of Dunbar, Calley, Harrison, Chatsworth, Skylar, Decka, Olwin, Fletch, Tyne, Payce, Speedy, Irving and Howie.
    • The last season where Wilson, Brewster and Koko were voiced by Edward Sharpe, Toby Baddeley and Imogen Bailey in the UK dub, and Tony Terraciano, Miles Harvey and Brigid Harrington in the US dub; most likely due to them hitting puberty and being too old for the roles.
    • The last season to be aired before the show went under a five-year hiatus.
    • The last season to have music composed by Chris McHale, although he was still credited in Season 6 for the theme song.
    • The last season to be released under the original title of the show.