Season 4 of Chuggington started airing in the UK on  the 26th August 2013 with Chug Patrol Ready to Rescue acting as the Season Premier. The first 5 episodes started airing in the UK on 26th August 2013, with episodes being aired at various times thoughout the next 9 months and concluding on 21st April 2014. In Canada, episodes started airing on 15th October 2013. In the US, Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue aired on 20th October 2013.


Screenshot Title Original Airdate Season Episode Total Episode
ChugPatrolReadytoRescue1 Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue 26th August 2013 1-2 93-94
Wilson joins the Chug Patrol, Brewster joins the Construction Clew, A Speed Fleet has introduced to Koko.
RescueatRockyRidge1 Rescue at Rocky Ridge

2nd September 2013

1 93
When Koko finds herself in peril, Wilson rushes to her rescue and pulls her out of a collapsing mine tunnel.
WilsonsForestFlare1 Wilson's Forest Flare

3nd September 2013

2 94
When Emery Breaks down in the forest, it's Chug Patroller Wilson to the rescue.
StopKokoStop1 Stop Koko Stop! 27th August 2013 3 95
At the Chug-a-sonic Speed Track, Hanzo teaches Koko to control her new engine booster and she learns to brake at high speed. Brewster discovers he has a good eye for track laying when he spots a sun kink.
RunawayKoko1 Runaway Koko 28th August 2013 4 96
Koko's speed booster malfunctions and she speeds around Chuggington out of control. Chug Patrol get ready to rescue her with some strong nets, but even they can't stop Koko. Brewster has been crushing rocks and saves the day by dropping dust onto Koko, which clogs up her booster and finally brings her to a standstill.
BrewsterMakesTracks1 Brewster Makes Tracks 29th August 2013 5 97
The Chuggineers are demolishing the old cooling tower and Brewster can't wait to watch it come down. Then an urgent job comes in and Brewster selflessly sets off to make the delivery knowing that he will have to miss the explosion. His good deed is rewarded when a problem with the detonator delays things and Brewster gets back just in time.
ChiefWilson2 Chief Wilson

30th August 2013

6 98
Wilson takes a test to assess his new Chug Patrol skills, but he forgets something important and fails. Later when a real emergency arises, Wilson handles the situation perfectly and gets Old Puffer Pete out of trouble. Jackman is impressed - maybe Wilson will even make chief one day.
BackupBrewster1 Back Up Brewster

30th September 2013

7 99
A collapsed bridge traps Zack. Brewster must use all his craning skills to rescue him.
TrackLayingBrewster1 Track Laying Brewster

31st September 2013

8 100
The Chuggineers get trapped by a flood and Brewster uses his new skills to help.
ExplorerKoko1 Explorer Koko

1st October 2013

9 101
Koko gives the Mayor and amazing tour around Chuggington.
TheOldSilverMineLine1 The Old Silver Mine Line

2nd October 2013

10 102
Brewster and Koko go exploring and get stranded down a disused track.
BrewsterLeadstheWay1 Brewster Leads the Way

3rd October 2013

11 103
Brewster is given the task of transporting the huge tunnel boring machine
ParkPatrollerWilson1 Park Patroller Wilson

4th October 2013

12 104
Wilson helps out when Old Puffer Pete goes sleep-riding around Chuggington
HighRiseRescue1 High Rise Rescue

5th October 2013

13 105
Hodge gets stuck high up in the air, but Wilson's clever thinking saves the day.
WinterWhiteout1 Winter Whiteout

2nd January 2014

14 106
The chuggers make preparations for the Winter Parade through Chuggington.
SnowPatrol1 Snow Patrol

3rd January 2014

15 107
Fletch is trapped in a snowdrift in the mountains and Wilson must rescue him.
FearlessWilson1 Fearless Wilson

7th April 2014

16 108
When Brewster slips into the river, Wilson must act super-fast and help his friend.
SpecialRescueTeam1 Special Rescue Team

8th April 2014

17 109
The Chug Patrollers rescue Eddie from the side of a bridge using a banner as a sling.
DeputyChugPatrollers1 Deputy Chug Patrollers

9th April 2014

18 110
When Chatsworth get stuck in a tunnel, Koko and Brewster become deputy Chug Patrollers.
BlazinWilson1 Blazin' Wilson

10th April 2014

19 111
When he runs out of Water, Wilson has to think on his wheels during fire training.
OnTrackBrewster1 On Track Brewster

11th April 2014

20 112
Brewster has his first chuggineer test and Wilson is on Safety Patrol.
WeAretheChuggineers1 We Are the Chuggineers

14th April 2014

21 113
Something goes wrong when the chuggineers are building a bridge.
TeamTrainee1 Team Trainee

15th April 2014

22 114
The Speed Fleet, Chug Patrol and the Chuggineers compete in the Track Dash fun race.
RecordBreakerKoko1 Record Breaker Koko

16th April 2014

23 115
Koko tries to break a speed record at the Chug-a-Sonic Speedtrack.
TheTootingtonTunnel1 The Tootington Tunnel

17th April 2014

24 116
Brewster and Cormac chase a runaway circular tunnel entrance through the countryside.
IronChuggers1 Iron Chuggers

18th April 2014

25 117
The Chuggineers compete with the Steam Team for the coveted Iron Chuggers title.
RoundUpWilson1 Round Up Wilson 21st April 2014 26 118
During training, Wilson and Chug Patrol must evacuate animals from the Safari Park




  • Edward Sharpe as Wilson
  • Imogen Bailey as Koko
  • Toby Davies as Brewster
  • Michael Byers as Jackman
  • Paul Dodds as Zack
  • Dai Tabuchi as Hanzo
  • Carina Reeves as Tyne
  • Joe Simms as Fletch
  • Arthur Lee as Hodge
  • Jadie-Rose Hobson as Zephie
  • Paul Panting as Irving and Old Puffer Pete
  • Nicole Davies as Calley
  • Andy Nyman as Dunbar and Chatsworth
  • Jordan Clarke as Emery
  • Collin McFarlane as Harrison
  • David Gyasi as Mtambo
  • Jill Shilling as Olwin
  • Angelo Cola as Frostini
  • Pax Baldwin as Action Chugger
  • Warren Clarke as Speedy McAllister
  • Tommy Romer Lee as Hoot
  • Mihira Phillips as Toot
  • Eve Bentley as Piper
  • Ninia Benjamin as Decka
  • Michael Quartley as Skylar
  • Marcel McCalla as Asher
  • Ruth Zielinski as Payce
  • Jez Edwards as Cormac

Advanced Training

Season 4 is to see Wilson, Koko and Brewster advance in their training and go on to the next level - taking apprenticeships and meeting new mentors and took advanced training.

Wilson and the Chug Patrol

Wilson moves his training to Chug Patrol HQ as a new apprentice in the rescue team! It's time for Wilson to test his bravery and courage as he becomes a trainee at Chug Patrol! He must take his new responsibilities seriously as his fellow chuggers rely on him to come to their rescue! Fitted with new sirens, hazard stripes and a Chug Patrol "Chug com" to communicate with the Chug Patrol team, Wilson is "in control and ready to roll!" Wilson is mentored by new character, Jackman.

Brewster and the Chuggineers

Brewster is welcomed into the team of Chuggineers for his next phase of training! This will be a new test of strength, concentration and determination for Brewster as he joins the Chuggineers! His key duties will include hauling, loading, lifting, engineering, drilling, digging, fixing and exploding! With construction hazard stripes and additional horns to alert his crew, Brewster is ready to take on the new training challenges ahead to keep everything running smoothly in Chuggington. Brewster is mentored by new character, Zack.

Koko and the Speed Fleet

Koko takes her wheels to the rails as her training moves to Chuggington's Speed Fleet. For Koko, it's all about using her best strengths and talents as a high speed engine. Armed with her turbo boosters, Koko is excited to perfect her raceway abilities and deliveries of parts, passengers and parcels as the fastest trainee in Chuggington! Her challenges will involved concentration, consideration and time keeping. Koko is mentored by new character, Hanzo.

Advanced Training Gallery


  • This is the first season to use the Redboard Pre-viz storyboard system.
  • In the UK version, Edward Sharpe and Toby Davies took over the roles of Wilson and Brewster respectively, expect for Koko, who is voiced by Imogen Bailey.
  • In the UK version, episode titles are now read out and the episode title background is the same for every episode.
  • In this season some of the chuggers like Dunbar, Hodge, Emery, Zack, Tyne and Fletch now have roundhouses. Zack, Tyne and Fletch underneeth Harrison, Chatsworth and Olwin. Dunbar with Jackman and Decka, Hodge next to Mtambo and Emery next to Skylar. Hanzo, Cormac, Asher, Pace and Calley have single sheds.
  • $10million USD was invested into this season.
  • Charlie George and Morgan Overton no longer take the roles of Brewster and Wilson

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