Season 3

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November, 2011 (UK)
April, 2012 (US)
May, 2012 (Canada)

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Season 3 of Chuggington started airing on November, 2011 in the UK, April, 2012 in the US, and May, 2012 in Canada.File:Season3.jpg


Screenshot Title Original Airdate Season Episode Total Episode
Goldwheels1 Gold Wheels 28th November 2011 1 80
Vee rewards Hoot and Toot with a gold wheel, but they get greedy.
Specialhelperwilson Special Helper Wilson 29th November 2011 2 81
Wilson tries to do everything himself, with disastrous consequences.
HodgeCan'tWait1 Hodge Can't Wait 30th November 2011 3 82
Hodge breaks down on the way to the rolling stock show.
ChugaFlage1 Chug-o-Flage 1st December 2011 4 83
Wilson camouflages himself as a parrot and scares all the animals.
Chuggingtonlogo Koko's Game 2nd December 2011 5 84
Koko gets hooked on a computer game trying to beat Hodge's high score.
MagneticWilson1 Magnetic Wilson 5th December 2011 6 85
Wilson becomes magnetized and attracts a lot of unwanted attention.
ZephiesStartClub1 Zephie's Star Club 6th December 2011 7 86
Zephie's decision amognst friends is selective when she has to pick who is in her club.
UndercoverActionChugger1 Undercover Action Chugger 7th December 2011 8 87
Action Chugger discovers it is hard to work without his super powers.
MovieMakerBrewster8 Movie Maker Brewster 8th December 2011 9 88
The Mayor asks Brewster to make a film about Chuggington.
Topsecretkoko10 Top Secret Koko 9th December 2011 10 89
Koko is told a secret in which she struggles to keep to herself.
Toot'sNewFriend4 Toot's New Friend 11th December 2011 11 90
Toot becomes jealous of Piper.
Chuggingtonlogo Skylar's Squad 12th December 2011 12 91
The trainees compete to be in Skylar's new Rescue Squad.
WobblyWheels3 Wobbly Wheels 13th December 2011 13 92
Piper finds the hard way that she has to learn.
BrewstersCraneTraining14 Brewster's Crane Training 14th December 2011 14 93
Brewster is upset when Skylar replaces Dunbar as a teacher.






  • Morgan Overton as Wilson
  • Imogen Bailey as Koko
  • Charlie George as Brewster
  • Michael Quartley as Skylar
  • Eve Bentley as Piper
  • Ninia Benjamin as Decka
  • Arthur Lee as Hodge
  • Jadie-Rose Hobson as Zephie
  • Paul Panting as Irving and Old Puffer Pete
  • Nicole Davies as Calley
  • Andy Nyman as Dunbar and Chatsworth
  • Jordan Clarke as Emery
  • Colin McFarlane as Harrison
  • David Gyasi as Mtambo
  • Jill Shilling as Olwin
  • Angelo Cola as Frostini
  • Pax Baldwin as Action Chugger
  • Warren Clarke as Speedy McAllister
  • Tommy Romer Lee as Hoot
  • Mihira Phillips as Toot


  • The BBC episode order seems incorrect, as Skylar appears before he is introduced in Brewster's Crane Training. The Treehouse order, and the Disney order may be correct, because the characters are introduced before they make other appearances. However, Decka seems to have no introductary episode, it may be the case that Decka has no introductary episode, like Speedy and Hoot and Toot from Season 2.
  • This season is 14 episodes long, making it the shortest season until Season 5.

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