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The second series of Chuggington premiered in the UK on CBeebies on the 13th of September 2010 and concluded on the fifteenth of December 2010. It shortly afterwards premiered in Canada in October 2010, and then in the US in February 2011.


Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
Koko'sNewLookpromo.jpg Koko's New Look Sarah Ball 13th September 2010 #01
When Koko sees the design that Lori has painted on Zephie's face, she wants one too.
Frostini'sMeltdownpromo2.jpg Frostini's Meltdown Phil O'Shea 14th September 2010 #02
A power failure threatens to melt all of Frostini's ice cream.
BabysitterBrewsterpromo.jpg Babysitter Brewster Emma Reeves and Sarah Ball 5th September 2010 #03
Brewster struggles to keep an eye on mischievous trainees Hoot and Toot.
LightsCameraActionChuggerpromo.jpg Lights Camera Action Chugger Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 16th September 2010 #04
Brewster is a little envious of Emery's appointment as an assistant on the film set of a new Action Chugger movie, but he soon experiences something even greater.
ChugofWarpromo.jpg Chug of War
Wilson and the Steam Team
Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 17th September 2010 #05
When the majority of the chuggers are reluctant to go and clean out the mines, Speedy proposes that they settle it the old steam chugger way.
HodgeSailsAwaypromo.jpg Hodge Sails Away Deirdra Morris and Sarah Ball 20th September 2010 #06
Hodge gets a taste of flying after high winds blow him off the tracks.
StopThePressEmerypromo.jpg Stop the Press, Emery Davey Moore and Lorelei King 21st September 2010 #07
Emery begins to wonder about how he can get in the newspaper.
Hootv.Tootpromo2.jpg Hoot v. Toot Sarah Ball 22nd September 2010 #08
Hoot struggles to distinguish red from green, getting him in lots of trouble. It is not until the twins go their separate ways that Toot realises that her brother is colourblind.
TheBrewsterBoosterpromo.jpg The Brewster Booster Brenda Scott Royce and Sarah Ball 23rd September 2010 #09
Brewster is appointed to test Dr. Ling's latest invention; a rather faulty speed booster.
QuizmasterHodgepromo2.jpg Quizmaster Hodge Sarah Ball 24th September 2010 #10
Hodge gets the job of hosting the Chug Quiz; but when he breaks his axle, he does not know if he can make it.
WilsonandtheDinosaurpromo.jpg Wilson and the Dinosaur Ian Carney and Sarah Ball 27th September 2010 #11
Wilson receives the operation to take photos around Chuggington for a special poster; simultaneously, Hoot and Toot stumble upon Dr. Ling's animatronic dinosaur.
SnowstruckWilsonpromo.jpg Snowstruck Wilson Deirdra Morris 28th September 2010 #12
After seeing snow for the first time, Wilson follows Harrison while he is on plowing duty, but soon gets lost.
HeaveHoHarrisonpromo.jpg Heave Ho Harrison Gerard Harris 29th September 2010 #13
Harrison gets stuck in a large snowdrift and no one can seem to get him out.
Scrub-A-Chugpromo2.jpg Scrub-A-Chug Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 29th November 2010 #14
Wilson is put in charge of the Fuel Yard while Hodge and Eddie are at an emergency.
NextStopSpacepromo.jpg Next Stop - Space Mark Robertson 30th November 2010 #15
Hoot and Toot are worried that the replica meteorite at the museum will destroy Chuggington; thus, they decide to send it into space.
ChillyChuggerspromo.jpg Chilly Chuggers Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 1st December 2010 #16
Emery and Eddie become stranded on the Spur Line during an ice storm as a result of Koko spraying the line with water instead of anti-ice.
StuntBrewsterpromo.jpg Stunt Brewster Anna Lea and Sarah Ball 2nd December 2010 #17
Brewster masters a new skill by saving Koko from a nasty accident.
Wilson'sIcyEscapadepromo.jpg Wilson's Icy Escapade Anna-Lisa Jenaer 3rd December 2010 #18
Wilson and Koko are asked to sand the track up the mountain; with Wilson soon becoming stuck in the Ice Cave.
RollingReporterWilsonpromo.jpg Rolling Reporter Wilson Peter Hynes 6th December 2010 #19
Hoot and Toot try to help Wilson with his news report.
ZephieandtheBeespromo.jpg Zephie and the Bees Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 7th December 2010 #20
Zephie accidentally breaks a beehive after she and Speedy switch jobs.
BrewsterMeetstheMayorpromo.jpg Brewster Meets the Mayor Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 8th December 2010 #21
Brewster is appointed to take the new mayor across Border Bridge for the ceremony, but after the bridge is deemed unsafe, Brewster knows that he will not be able to until he gets an idea.
ChuggeroftheYearpromo.jpg Chugger of the Year Mark Caven 9th December 2010 #22
Koko wants to win the 'Chugger of the Year' award, but soon realises that one chugger deserves it more than anyone else.
FaultFinderEmerypromo.jpg Fault Finder Emery Sarah Ball 10th December 2010 #23
Emery temporarily replaces the malfunctioning defect detector, but takes things too far.
HodgeandtheChugnavpromo.jpg Hodge and the Chugnav Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 13th December 2010 #24
Wilson gets stuck on the track lift and Hodge attempts to fix it without the help of Eddie.
APatOnThePaintworkpromo.jpg A Pat on the Paintwork Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 14th December 2010 #25
Koko attempts to earn her 'high speed' badge, while Hoot and Toot begin giving out pretend badges to Emery.
Toot'sTallTalepromo.jpg Toot's Tall Tale Sarah Ball 15th December 2010 #26
Toot lies about an illness to get out of doing track inspection.


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