Season 2 of Chuggington first aired in the U.K. in September 2010, then in Canada in October 2010 then in the U.S. in February 2011.


Screenshot Title Original Airdate Season Episode Total Episode
Kokosnewlook1 Koko's New Look 13th September 2010 1 53
Zephie gets a new look and Koko wants one, too.
Frostinismeltdown1 Frostini's Meltdown 14th September 2010 2 54
Frostini's ice cream is melting, so Speedy takes it to the Ice Cave.
BabysitterBrewstertitles Babysitter Brewster 15th September 2010 3 55
Brewster teaches Hoot and Toot about turntables.
LightsCameraActionChuggertitles Lights, Camera, Action Chugger 16th September 2010 4 56
A new Action Chugger movie is being filmed.
ChugofWartitles Chug of War 17th September 2010 5 57
Speedy tells Vee about a chug of war and Vee likes the idea so she says that they should have one.
HodgeSailsAway1 Hodge Sails Away 20th September 2010 6 58
Hodge gets lifted off the tracks and sails around Chuggington.
StopThePressEmeryTitleCard Stop the Press, Emery 21st September 2010 7 59
Emery becomes a News Reporter.
HootvToottitles Hoot vs Toot 22nd September 2010 8 60
Hoot and Toot want to make a delivery, but Hoot mixes up the loads and Toot gets upset with him.
Booster The Brewster Booster 23rd September 2010 9 61
A new invention is made to make the Chuggers go faster.
QuizmasterHodgetitles Quizmaster Hodge 24th September 2010 10 62
A quiz show is coming tonight and Hodge volunteers to be quiz master of the new quiz show.
WilsonandtheDinosaurtitles Wilson and the Dinosaur 27th September 2010 11 63
Wilson takes pictures of a dinosaur.
SnowstruckWilson1 Snowstruck Wilson 28th September 2010 12 64
 An avalanche traps Wilson.
HeaveHoHarrison1 Heave Ho Harrison 29th September 2010 13 65
Harrison gets stuck in a snow drift.
Chuggington - Scrub A Chug Scrub-A-Chug Chug 29th November 2010 14 66
Wilson tries to clean the tunnels.
NextStopSpaceTitleCard Next Stop - Space 30th November 2010 15 67
Hoot and Toot find a meteorite.
ChillyChuggers1 Chilly Chuggers 1st December 2010 16 68
Eddie and Emery get trapped in the Ice Cave.
StuntBrewster1 Stunt Brewster 2nd December 2010 17 69
Brewster saves Koko from a nasty accident.
WilsonsIcyEscapade1 Wilson's Icy Escapade 3rd December 2010 18 70
Koko gets stuck in the Ice Tunnel.
RollingReporterWilsontitles Rolling Reporter Wilson 6th December 2010 19 71
Hoot and Toot help Wilson with his news report.
Chuggingtonlogo Zephie and the Bees 7th December 2010 20 72
Zephie needs Speedy's help
BrewsterMeetstheMayor1 Brewster Meets the Mayor 8th December 2010 21 73
Brewster goes to see Mayor Pullman, but the bridge taking Brewster to see the Mayor is unsafe.
Chuggeroftheyearpromo Chugger of the Year 9th December 2010 22 74
Koko tries to win an award.
Faultfinderemery Fault Finder Emery 10th December 2010 23 75
Koko tries to win an award.
HodgeandtheChugnav Hodge and the Chugnav 13th December 2010 24 77
Hodge tries to fix a tracklift.
Chuggingtonlogo A Pat On The Paintwork 14th December 2010 25 78
Koko decides to try for the High Speed badge - something no trainee has ever won. Emery wishes he still earned badges like the trainees do. For fun, he plays a 'pretend badge' game with Hoot and Toot, where they award each other imaginary badges.
Tootstalltale Toot's Tall Tale 15th December 2010 26 79
Toot doesn't want to do track inspection with Hoot. To get out of it, she pretends she isn't feeling well. At first she enjoys getting lots of attention, but when Morgan thinks her flywheel needs replacing, which means having her engine taken out and spending the night in the repair shed, Toot realises she's gone too far.






  • Morgan Overton as Wilson
  • Imogen Bailey as Koko
  • Charlie George as Brewster
  • Warren Clarke as Speedy McAllister
  • Tommy Romer Lee as Hoot
  • Mihira Phillips as Toot
  • Jadie-Rose Hobson as Zephie
  • Paul Panting as Irving and Old Puffer Pete
  • Nicole Davies as Calley
  • Andy Nyman as Dunbar and Chatsworth
  • Jordan Clarke as Emery
  • Colin McFarlane as Harrison
  • David Gyasi as Mtambo
  • Jill Shilling as Olwin
  • Angelo Cola as Frostini
  • Pax Baldwin as Action Chugger


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