Season 1 first aired in the UK on BBC Two on 29th September 2008, they had two parts. Part 1 aired in 2008 and Part 2 aired on 6th April 2009


Screenshot Title Original Airdate Season Episode Total Episode
Can'tCatchKokoTitleCard Can't Catch Koko 29th September 2008 1 1
When Harrison breaks down, Koko volunteers to replace him on the night shift. When Koko is stranded on her own due to a power cut, Wilson and Brewster must find a way to rescue her.
WilsonandtheElephantTitleCard Wilson and the Elephant 30th September 2008 2 2
Wilson wants his animal transportation badge, so takes Ebo the elephant to the safari park.
Brakingbrewster1 Braking Brewster 1st October 2008 5 3
Wilson and Brewster are sent to get stone from the mountain quarry. Brewster is in a hurry to get the job done, and doesn't hear Dunbar warning them to be extra careful on the way back, as going downhill with a heavier load is harder!
KokoandtheTunnelTitleCard Koko and the Tunnel 2nd October 2008 4 4
The trainees are heading for a lesson with Dunbar in the training yard when an underground tunnel catches Koko's eye. She wants to explore it but Vee says she isn't ready yet. When no one is looking, Koko decides she's going to see where that tunnel goes...
Lateagaineddie1 Late Again Eddie 3rd October 2008 12 5
Eddie lives so far away from Chuggington that he just can't seem to get into work on time. After he gets into trouble with Morgan yet again, Hodge and the trainees set out to find a new home for Eddie in Chuggington.
Bangklangwilson1 Bang Klang Wilson 6th October 2008 10 6
The trainees are learning how to use ice-cream cars, and the great Frostini is going to test them on their skills. When Wilson's car breaks down, Puffer Pete comes to the rescue, pulling out his old steam-driven ice-cream wagon.
KokoandtheSquirrels1 Koko and the Squirrels 7th October 2008 7 7
Koko has to deliver timber to the paper mill, but she ignores Old Puffer Pete's advice to take it slowly and ends up coming off the track.
HodgeandtheMagnet1 Hodge and the Magnet 8th October 2008 6 8
Part of the track is out and there is chaos in Chuggington! Vee needs Eddie to repair the track but he is late for work again. As Hodge prepares the magnetic crane, Wilson persuades him to do the repairs by himself.
ClunkyWilson1 Clunky Wilson 9th October 2008 3 9
Wilson and Koko have fun racing until Wilson damages his wheel. He is scared of going to the repair shed.
Thechuggerchampionship1 The Chugger Championship 10th October 2008 15 10
it is time for the annual Chugger Championship Race, and Koko is sure she can win. She spends hours practising and ends up arguing with Wilson. When Wilson breaks down during the race, Koko must choose whether to help him, or keep going and win.
CoolWilson1 Cool Wilson 13th October 2008 14 11
Everyone loves Frostini, the cool Italian ice-cream chugger. Wilson wants to be just like him, so he is especially excited to learn that Frostini needs a helper for the school holidays.
OldPufferPetesTour1 Old Puffer Pete's Tour 14th October 2008 11 12
Koko is yearning for adventure and she just might get it, as today the chuggers are making deliveries out of town. Vee asks old Puffer Pete to join them and, during their travels, they come across a mysterious old track that leads to Old Chuggington, which is now a ghost town.
BrewsterGoesBananas1 Brewster Goes Bananas 15th October 2008 9 13
Brewster delivers some feed to the safari park and hurries back, unaware that he has a naughty monkey stowaway on board.
ZephiesZoomaround1 Zephie's Zoomaround 16th October 2008 18 14
Morgan fits Zephie with a siren for emergencies after she gets lost. Zephie cannot resist setting it off at every opportunity.
WilsonsSmoothMoves7 Wilson's Smooth Moves 17th October 2008 13 15
The chuggers learn how to carry passengers comfortably using dummies specially made to wobble if the ride isn't smooth. When poor Wilson struggles to drive smoothly, Eddie has an idea that just might help him.
ActionBrewster1 Action Brewster 7th November 2008 16 16
Brewster is excited about seeing the new Action Chugger movie, but Irving sends him to the foundry and Brewster worries he won't be back in time for the film unless he can be as speedy as his super chugger hero.
KokosPuppyTraining1 Koko's Puppy Training 10th November 2008 17 17
Twiga the giraffe is having a baby. An excited Koko is given the important job of keeping watch overnight and fetching Doctor Gosling, the vet.
OutwardBoundOlwin1 Outward Bound Olwin 13th November 2008 20 19
Olwin takes Brewster, Wilson and Koko on an outward-bound training course but when she treats them like babies, they hide in the Old Town. It is all fun and games until a heavy fog rolls in and the trainees realise they are trapped.
BrewsterandtheDragon1 Brewster and the Dragon 14th November 2008 21 20
A storm has left the safari park in a bit of chaos and some of the animals have escaped. Emery teases Brewster, saying one of the escapees is a dragon. The Chuggers don't believe him, but when they hear a mighty roar coming from one of the tunnels, they start to think he might be right.
WakeUpWilson1 Wake Up Wilson 17th November 2008 22 21
Koko challenges Wilson to see if they can stay awake all night. When morning comes, Wilson declares himself the winner, but then he struggles to keep his eyes open whilst doing his work.
BrewsterKnowsBest1 Brewster Knows Best 18th November 2008 23 22
The trainees are doing a sign-reading exercise and they are promised a wonderful surprise at the end. Koko and Wilson think Brewster is too slow, but Brewster's patience pays off when he meets his hero Action Chugger at the ride-in movie theatre.
KokoPullsitOff1 Koko Pulls it Off 19th November 2008 24 23
The trainees must take their passenger test and Mr Simkins from the Ministry of Chuggers arrives to examine them. When a faulty machine startles Koko, she fails her test and is broken-hearted.
WilsonandtheIceCream1 Wilson and the Ice Cream 20th November 2008 25 24
Wilson is asked to take refrigerated cars to the ice-cream fair, but when his hero Frostini offers him a tour of the ice-cream factory, he forgets all about the important job he's supposed to be doing.
WilsonsWackyTour1 Wilson's Wacky Tour 21st November 2008 26 25
Mtambo is training Wilson and Brewster to help out as guides at the safari park. He tells them to pay close attention to what he tells them about the animals but, as usual, Wilson is impatient and slips away to take some children on a tour.
WilsonGetsaWash1 Wilson Gets a Wash 3rd December 2008 8 26
The trainees must learn how to make difficult emergency stops with mud, leaves and water on the rails. Wilson loves getting dirty but he'll do anything he can to avoid going through the automatic chugwash!
HodgesSecret1 Hodge's Secret 6th April 2009 27 27
Hodge longs to prove to Eddie he can carry out his duties on his own, but his attempts create all manner of confusion in the training yard. Hodge must set aside his pride and own up to his mistake.
FrostinisFruitFandango1 Frostini's Fruit Fandango 7th April 2009 28 28
Wilson is helping Frostini as he creates a new flavour of ice cream for the mayor's banquet. When they discover the mayor's wife is allergic to cheese, Frostini realises he will have to come up with something else.
ZephieAceReporterTitleCard Zephie Ace Reporter 8th April 2009 29 29
Zephie is given the important job of transporting newspaper reporter Rag and photographer Snap, who are doing a story about Morgan's new rail-going cycle.
FamousEmery1 Famous Emery 8th April 2009 30 30
The chuggers have often told Emery that he is so funny he should be on the stage. So when a TV crew comes to make a documentary about Chuggington, Emery sees his chance for stardom.
WatchOutWilson1 Watch Out Wilson 10th April 2009 31 31
The trainees try their wheels at pulling and rolling stock around an obstacle course. Ambitious Wilson tries the fire wagon. The course seems easy - until Dunbar tells them they have to do it backwards.
BrewstersHobby1 Brewster's Hobby 13th April 2009 32 32
The trainees are going to be fetching and delivering building supplies today, and Brewster introduces Wilson to his new hobby: people spotting!
ZephiesMonkeyBusiness1 Zephie's Monkey Business 14th April 2009 33 33
Zephie is excited when she takes the vet to see the animals at the safari park.
PoorOldPufferPete1 Poor Old Puffer Pete 15th April 2009 34 34
Brewster thinks Pete is destined for the scrapyard, so the trainees help him out.
InspectorEmery1 Inspector Emery 16th April 2009 35 35
Old Picky Nicky, the Inspector is on his way to Chuggington to conduct the Depot's annual inspection, and the chuggers swing into action to get everything ready.
NurseWilson1 Nurse Wilson 17th April 2009 36 36
Dunbar and Nurse David from Chuggington Hospital are teaching the trainees how to use the ambulance car. When Dunbar loses his voice, Wilson decides to nurse him better.
MtambosAmazingAdventure1 Mtambo's Amazing Adventure 20th April 2009 37 37
Mtambo longs for adventure in his life so that he has new stories to tell.
RockAByeChatsworth1 Rock-A-Bye Chatsworth 21st April 2009 38 38
Chatsworth wants a nap but everything and everyone conspires to keep him awake.
HelpfulHodge1 Helpful Hodge 22nd April 2009 39 39
Koko challenges Hodge to a competition: whoever does the most jobs that day wins.
BrewsterToTheRescue1 Brewster To The Rescue 23rd April 2009 40 40
Calley is doing emergency rescue training with the trainees. If they do well, they will earn a badge. But when Chatsworth gets into trouble in the mountains and Calley is nowhere to be found, Brewster must ride to the rescue.
WilsonAndThePaintWagon1 Wilson and the Paint Wagon 24th April 2009 41 41
The trainees are learning to use the paint wagon and Wilson has trouble concentrating. While Koko and Brewster learn how to mix colours, Puffer Pete takes Wilson to the Old Town for some extra painting practice.
EddieFindsTime1 Eddie Finds Time 27th April 2009 42 42
The depot clock is broken, and the schedule is in chaos! Eddie sets off for the Old Town to see if he can borrow a part from the old clock.
MtambosRoyalTour1 Mtambo's Royal Tour 28th April 2009 43 43
The King of Buffertonia plans a tour of the safari park. Mtambo wants to give the best tour ever, so does a practice run with Hodge pretending to be the king.
WilsonAndTheWildWind1 Wilson and the Wild Wind 29th April 2009 44 44
Dunbar has a new training device, a voice-operated storm simulator tunnel, which simulates wind, rain and fog. When Dunbar is called away on an emergency, Wilson messes with the controls and the storm maker unleashes a violent storm.
OldPufferPetesFirebox1 Old Puffer Pete's Firebox 30th April 2009 45 45
Puffer Pete's firebox is completely worn out and he can't move without it. As it will take ages to have a new one made, the trainees set about finding Pete a new firebox in the Old Town.
JetPackWilson1 Jet Pack Wilson 1st May 2009 46 46
The trainees are thrilled to be spending the day with Action Chugger, but when he is called away on an emergency, Wilson decides to try on some jetpacks and learn to fly.
BrewstersLittleHelper1 Brewster's Little Helper 4th May 2009 47 47
Zephie admires the big chuggers, and wants to pull freight just like them. When she overhears Brewster being given his jobs for the day, she decides to do some of them for him.
BubblyOlwin1 Bubbly Olwin 5th May 2009 48 48
A magazine photographer is coming to Chuggington to do a feature on steam trains, and Olwin is determined to look her best for her picture. But she doesn't notice when a bottle of soap accidentally lands in her water tank.
KokoInCharge1 Koko Takes Charge 6th May 2009 49 49
When Irving leaves Koko in charge of the recycling yard, she's keen to show how responsible she is, but she doesn't listen properly to his instructions.
WilsonsPaperTrail1 Wilson's Paper Trail 7th May 2009 50 50
Wilson is sent to pick up a roll of special paper for the printers, but when he finds a broken pipe gushing water, he decides to play in it!
PufferPetesBigShow1 Puffer Pete's Big Show 8th May 2009 51 51
Old Puffer Pete has worked in Chuggington for 150 years, and the mayor wants to commemorate his anniversary with a special show.
TrainingTimeHarrison1 Training Time, Harrison 11th May 2009 52 52
Vee needs someone to pull the royal carriage for the Prince of Buffertonia and all the Chuggers race to get the job, but Harrison is first - thanks to cutting corners and going through a few red lights!


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