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The first series of Chuggington premiered in the UK on BBC Two's CBeebies block on the 29th of September, 2008, and concluded on the 11th of May, 2009. The season was split into two parts; with the first twenty-six episodes airing in late 2008, and the remaining twenty-six airing in early to mid 2009.


Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
Can'tCatchKokopromo2.jpg Can't Catch Koko Sarah Ball and Diane Redmond 29th September 2008 #01
The trainees volunteer to take the night shift for a broken-down Harrison, but a power cut leaves Koko stranded.
WilsonandtheElephantpromo.jpg Wilson and the Elephant Julie Jones 30th September 2008 #02
Wilson takes Ebo the Elephant to the new Safari Park, but hijinks ensue when Ebo breaks away.
BrakingBrewsterpromo2.jpg Braking Brewster Sarah Ball and Kate Fawkes 1st October 2008 #03
Wilson and Brewster are sent to the mountain quarry for the first time, but a chase begins once Brewster starts rushing.
KokoandtheTunnelpromo2.jpg Koko and the Tunnel Sarah Ball 2nd October 2008 #04
Koko and Wilson go through one of the Depot tunnels to see what is on the other side, but find themselves in trouble when they realise that they do not know how to use switches.
Late Again Eddie.png Late Again Eddie Diane Redmond 3rd October 2008 #05
Hodge gets the help of the trainees to find a new home for Eddie once he starts being continuously late to work each day.
BangKlangWilsonpromo.jpg Bang Klang Wilson Ian Carney 6th October 2008 #06
Old Puffer Pete gives Wilson his rusty old ice cream wagon for his test to earn his ice cream badge.
KokoandtheSquirrelspromo2.jpg Koko and the Squirrels Ian Carney 7th October 2008 #07
Koko realises that there is nothing wrong with going slow once she has an accident.
HodgeandtheMagnetpromo.jpg Hodge and the Magnet Sarah Ball 8th October 2008 #08
Wilson and Hodge attempt to repair the yellow line themselves as Eddie is late for work.
ClunkyWilsonpromo.jpg Clunky Wilson Sarah Ball and Kate Fawkes 9th October 2008 #09
Wilson damages his wheel during a race, but is scared of going to the Repair Shed.
The Chugger Championship.png The Chugger Championship Sarah Ball and Claudia Silver 10th October 2008 #10
Once Wilson breaks down during the Chugger Championship race, Koko has to choose whether to tow him to safety or keep moving and win.
Cool Wilson.png Cool Wilson Ian Carney 13th October 2008 #11
Wilson is exited to learn that his idol Frostini is looking for helpers during the school holidays.
OldPufferPete'sTourpromo2.jpg Old Puffer Pete's Tour Simon Jowett 14th October 2008 #12
During a delivery with Old Puffer Pete, the trainees discover an abandoned town in the countryside.
BrewsterGoesBananaspromo4.jpg Brewster Goes Bananas Simon Jowett 15th October 2008 #13
Brewster delivers some feed to the safari park, unaware that he has a monkey stowaway on board.
Zephie'sZoomaroundpromo3.jpg Zephie's Zoomaround Rachel Murrell 16th October 2008 #14
Morgan fits Zephie with a siren for emergencies, but Zephie cannot resist setting it off at every opportunity.
Wilson'sSmoothMovespromo.jpg Wilson's Smooth Moves Lorelei King 17th October 2008 #15
The trainees learn how to carry passengers safely with dummy wagons, but Wilson cannot get the hang of it.
Action Brewster.png Action Brewster Ian Carney 7th November 2008 #16
Brewster worries that he will not be able to see the new Action Chugger movie with the deliveries Irving has given him.
Koko's Puppy Training.png Koko's Puppy Training Cate Lieuwen 10th November 2008 #17
Koko finds a lost puppy and wants to keep it, but learns that taking care of a pet is no easy task.
KokoOnCallpromo2.jpg Koko On Call Sarah Ball and Brenda Scott Royce 12th November 2008 #18
A giraffe at the safari park is having a baby, and Koko is given the job of helping out.
Outward Bound Olwin.png Outward Bound Olwin Mark Caven 13th November 2008 #19
Olwin takes the trainees on an outward-bound training course, but soon loses them once they become trapped in a foggy Old Town.
Brewster and the Dragon.png Brewster and the Dragon Mark Caven 14th November 2008 #20
After a storm causes many of the Safari Park animals to escape, word gets out that one of them may have been a dragon.
WakeUpWilsonpromo.jpg Wake Up Wilson Ian Carney 17th November 2008 #21
Wilson stays up all night at a price, and finds that he cannot stay awake during his mail deliveries.
Brewster Knows Best.png Brewster Knows Best Ross Hastings 18th November 2008 #22
During a sign reading exercise for the trainees, Brewster's patience pays off when he meets his hero Action Chugger at the ride-in cinema.
Koko Pulls it Off.png Koko Pulls it Off Jimmy Hibbert 19th November 2008 #23
Koko is very upset once she fails her passenger test, managed by the less than desirable examiner Mr. Simpkins.
WilsonandtheIceCreampromo5.jpg Wilson and the Ice Cream Jimmy Hibbert 20th November 2008 #24
Wilson is distracted by a tour of the ice cream factory from Frostini during a delivery to the market.
Wilson'sWackyTourpromo.jpg Wilson's Wacky Tour Brenda Scott Royce 21st November 2008 #25
Wilson gets impatient during a training lesson about being good tour guides from Mtambo.
WilsonGetsAWashpromo.jpg Wilson Gets a Wash Ian Carney 3rd December 2008 #26
A dirty Wilson, not wanting to be clean, goes out of his way to stay far away from the Chug Wash.
Hodge's Secret.png Hodge's Secret Charles Hodges 6th April 2009 #27
Chaos ensues once Wilson causes Hodge to break a junction box, and Hodge doesn't want help from Eddie.
Frostini'sFruitFandangopromo3.jpg Frostini's Fruit Fandango Jimmy Hibbert and Sarah Ball 7th April 2009 #28
Wilson assists Frostini in producing a new ice cream flavor for the mayor's banquet.
Zephie Ace Reporter.png Zephie Ace Reporter Jimmy Hibbert 8th April 2009 #29
Zephie is given the important job of transporting newspaper reporter Rag and photographer Snap, who are doing a story about Morgan's new rail-going cycle.
FamousEmerypromo.jpg Famous Emery Merlin Ward and Lorelei King 9th April 2009 #30
When a television crew comes to make a documentary about Chuggington, Emery sees his chance for stardom.
Watch Out Wilson.png Watch Out Wilson! Lorelei King and Sarah Ball 10th April 2009 #31
Wilson has an accident during a training course involving pushing a piece of rolling stock around a figure-eight - backwards.
Brewster's Hobby.png Brewster's Hobby Ross Hastings 13th April 2009 #32
Brewster comes up with a distracting hobby during a delivery to the builders' yard - people spotting.
Zephie's Monkey Business.png Zephie's Monkey Business Rachel Murrell and Sarah Ball 14th April 2009 #33
Zephie is excited to take the vet to see the animals at the Safari Park, but is scared of the monkeys.
Poor Old Puffer Pete.png Poor Old Puffer Pete Brenda Scott Royce and Sarah Ball 15th April 2009 #34
Brewster and Zephie are worried that Pete is bound for the scrapyard, and do his jobs to keep him in service.
Inspector Emery.png Inspector Emery Brenda Scott Royce and Sarah Ball 16th April 2009 #35
The inspector is on their way to Chuggington to conduct the Depot's annual inspection, so the chuggers swing into action to get everything ready.
Nurse Wilson.png Nurse Wilson Diane Redmond 17th April 2009 #36
Dunbar loses his voice during a lesson about using an ambulance wagon, so Wilson decides to attempt to make him feel better.
Mtambo'sAmazingAdventurepromo4.jpg Mtambo's Amazing Adventure Brenda Scott Royce and Sarah Ball 20th April 2009 #37
Mtambo longs for adventure in his life so that he has new stories to tell.
Rock-A-Bye Chatsworth.png Rock-A-Bye Chatsworth Jimmy Hibbert 21st April 2009 #38
Chatsworth wants a nap, but everything and everyone conspires to keep him awake.
HelpfulHodgepromo2.jpg Helpful Hodge James Mason 22nd April 2009 #39
Koko challenges Hodge to a competition - whoever does the most jobs that day wins.
Brewster to the Rescue.png Brewster to the Rescue Sarah Ball 23rd April 2009 #40
After a discouraged Brewster does poorly during a lesson on rescuing, he takes it upon himself to rescue Chatsworth, whose train is on fire.
WilsonandthePaintWagonpromo.jpg Wilson and the Paint Wagon James Mason 24th April 2009 #41
Wilson has trouble concentrating while mastering the paint wagon, so Pete takes him to Old Town for extra lessons.
Eddie Finds Time.png Eddie Finds Time Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 27th April 2009 #42
Eddie goes to Old Town to try and find a part for the Depot clock once it stops working.
Mtambo's Royal Tour.png Mtambo's Royal Tour Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 28th April 2009 #43
Mtambo prepares for a tour of the Safari Park with the King of Buffertonia.
Wilson and the Wild Wind.png Wilson and the Wild Wind James Mason and Sarah Ball 29th April 2009 #44
The Depot is struck with severe winds after Wilson messes with Dunbar's new storm simulator.
Old Puffer Pete's Firebox.png Old Puffer Pete's Firebox Jimmy Hibbert 30th April 2009 #45
A search for a new firebox for Pete begins once his old one becomes worn out.
JetPackWilsonpromo.jpg Jet Pack Wilson Sarah Ball 1st May 2009 #46
After a training lesson with Action Chugger, Wilson tries on one of the jet packs and is hurdled into the air.
Brewster'sLittleHelperpromo.jpg Brewster's Little Helper Lorelei King 4th May 2009 #47
A discouraged Zephie attempts to help Brewster with his jobs for the day, but, unfortunately, does not do them well.
Bubbly Olwin.png Bubbly Olwin Sarah Ball and Jimmy Hibbert 5th May 2009 #48
A magazine photographer is coming to Chuggington to do a feature on steam trains, and Olwin is determined to look her best for her picture, but does not notice a bottle of soap landing in her water tank.
Koko Takes Charge.png Koko Takes Charge Charles Hodges, Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 6th May 2009 #49
Irving leaves Koko in charge of the Recycling Yard, but does not listen to his instructions.
Wilson's Paper Trail.png Wilson's Paper Trail Sarah Ball 7th May 2009 #50
Wilson picks up a roll of special paper for the printers, but soon gets distracted.
PufferPete'sBigShowpromo.jpg Puffer Pete's Big Show Sarah Ball 8th May 2009 #51
The mayor is arranging a special show to commemorate Old Puffer Pete's one-hundred and fiftieth anniversary.
TrainingTime,Harrisonpromo.jpg Training Time, Harrison Jimmy Hibbert 11th May 2009 #52
Harrison goes back to the Training Yard once he causes a few accidents during a race to get the job of pulling the royal coach.


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Characters Introduced



  • Morgan Overton as Wilson
  • Charlie George as Brewster
  • Imogen Bailey as Koko
  • Andy Nyman as Dunbar, Chatsworth, Felix, and Freddy
  • Nicole Davies as Calley and Vicki
  • Paul Panting as Old Puffer Pete, Irving, Morgan, Dr. Gosling, Mr. Knot, the Man with a Yellow Shirt, the Ice Cream Factory Worker, Snap, the Mic Man, and the Building Site Foreman
  • Jordan Clarke as Emery
  • Arthur Lee as Hodge
  • Jadie Rose Hobson as Zephie
  • Colin McFarlane as Harrison and the King of Buffertonia
  • Jill Shilling as Olwin
  • David Gyasi as Mtambo and Nurse David
  • Angelo Cola as Frostini
  • Pax Baldwin as Action Chugger
  • Maria Darling as Vee, Lori, Vicki, Karen, the Post Mistress, the Woman with a Green Shirt, the Girl with a Lavender Shirt's Mother, the Teacher, and Linda
  • Sacha Dhawan as Eddie
  • Elèna Gyasi as the Girl with a Lavender Shirt and the Girl with a Pink Shirt
  • Nicole Cherruault as the Girl with a Lavender Shirt, the Girl with a Pink Shirt, the Girl with a Green Shirt, and Jenny
  • Yasmin Garrad as the Girl with a Pink Shirt and the Girl with a Green Shirt
  • Jake Pratt as Lori's Nephew and the Boy with a Pale Shirt
  • Alex Carter as the Boy with a Pink Shirt and the Twins with a Yellow Cap
  • Joanne Overton as the Girl with a Lavender Shirt's Mother and the Teacher
  • Vincent Marzello as the Movie Narrator and the Chug Scan
  • Jimmy Hibbert as Mr. Simpkins and Rag Barnstaple
  • Lorelei King as the Female Film Director
  • Jane Collingwood as the Inspector
  • Sarah Ball as the Storm Maker


  • Tony Terraciano as Wilson
  • Miles J Harvey as Brewster
  • Brigid Harrington as Koko
  • Tom Clarke-Hill as Dunbar
  • Phillipa Alexander as Calley and the Teacher
  • Brian Greene as Old Puffer Pete
  • Troy Doherty as Emery
  • James Lukens as Hodge
  • Isabella Palmieri as Zephie
  • Colin McFarlane as Harrison and the King of Buffertonia
  • John Chancer as Chatsworth and Mr. Knot
  • Margaret Robertson as Olwin
  • John Pohlhammer as Irving and Action Chugger
  • David Gyasi as Mtambo
  • Angelo Cola as Frostini
  • Johnnie Fiori as Vee
  • Trevor White as Eddie
  • Taylor Clarke-Hill as Morgan
  • Barbara Barnes as Lori
  • Mac McDonald as Dr. Gosling and the Ice Cream Factory Worker
  • Laila Pyne as Vicki
  • Lorelei King as Karen, the Post Mistress, the Woman with a Green Shirt, the Girl with a Lavender Shirt's Mother, the Teacher, the Female Film Director, Linda, and the Storm Maker
  • Elisha Sessions as Felix
  • Rachel Resheff as the Girl with a Lavender Shirt
  • Samantha Bruno as the Girl with a Lavender Shirt, the Girl with a Pink Shirt, and the Girl with a Green Shirt
  • Morgan Sharrin as the Girl with a Pink Shirt
  • Katie Hoffmeister as the Girl with a Pink Shirt, the Girl with a Green Shirt, Lori's Nephew, the Boy with a Pale Shirt, the Boy with a Pink Shirt, and Jenny
  • Ethan Trani as Lori's Nephew
  • Walter Lewis as Mr. Knot
  • Vincent Marzello as the Man with a Yellow Shirt, Rag Barnstaple, the Building Site Foreman the Movie Narrator, and the Chug Scan
  • Jeb Slate as the Boy with a Pale Shirt and the Twins with a Yellow Cap
  • Riker Bixby as the Boy with a Pink Shirt
  • Christinea Kowluchuk as the Girl with a Lavender Shirt's Mother and the Inspector
  • Constantine Gregory as Mr. Simpkins
  • Eric Meyers as Snap and the Mic Man
  • C. Gerod Harris as Nurse David
  • Thomas Hoffmeister as Freddy

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