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“Where's the fire?"
"What fire?"
"Dunbar said to bring the fire car."
"Oh, no, you need to hose these wet leaves off the rails."
"Oh, but I thought I was going to be a hero."
"You will be. By cleaning the track, you're keeping chuggers safe.”
―Wilson and Calley

Safeguarder Wilson is the second episode of the third part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the forty-first episode overall.


Wilson arrives at the Depot to meet Dunbar, who tells him that he will be trying for his "Safeguarder" badge. Dunbar explains that "safeguarding" involves keeping fellow chuggers safe. He then tells Wilson that Calley will tell him all about it, and that he is to collect a fire car and meet her at the farm. Wilson collects the fire car, and figures that it must be because of a real fire going on.

At the farm, Wilson asks where the fire is, only to be disappointed when he founds out that the fire car is for hosing wet leaves off the rails. Wilson states that he wants to be a hero, to which Calley says that he is being by keeping the tracks safe. Calley then leaves Wilson to clear the other side of the line. Back at the Depot, Brewster leaves for the Paper Mill.

Wilson notices that he has been spraying the leaves onto the side of the line that Calley cleared, and decides to turn back. Once he reaches the farm, he meets Koko, who suddenly breaks down. Koko asks Wilson to tow her, but he fears that he will not earn his badge if he does. As Wilson attaches to Koko, Brewster comes speeding through, as his load of paper flies onto his eyes. Wilson thinks quickly and stops an accident by spraying Brewster with the fire car, much to Koko and Brewster's impressment. Wilson then tows Koko to the Repair Shed.

Wilson, who has just finished spraying the track, finds Dunbar and Calley, who congratulate him on earning his badge. Brewster also arrives, and pulls the badge out of his sorting wagon.


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  • This is the only episode where the Countryside Loop is situated near a three-way intersection.
  • This marks the final appearance of the Paper Mill. It would later be mentioned in the fifth season episode, Chug Patrol Chief.

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