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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the song, the short or the DVD.

Safari Park Station is an animal preserve located in Chuggington; Mtambo works here. A station is also located outside the park for all local trains to stop at, including Hanzo's express.


Safari Park was originally located in a barren forest; when the park was moved to a more tropical area, Wilson, Brewster and Koko were assigned to transport some animals to their new homes; Wilson was given Ebo, who- while reeked havoc at first, helped Wilson earn his animal transportation badge in the end. Wilson was later led back to the remains of the old park by Action Chugger to earn his “find your way home” badge.

Many events have taken place at the current Safari Park. Once, a monkey escaped the park and began causing trouble everywhere- Brewster was able to catch the monkey in his mail car, and the monkey made up for most of his actions. Later on, Zephie was invited to assist Dr. Gosling on checking the animals' general health- unfortunately, Emery scared Zephie into believing that the monkeys would steal her bell and wipers; she later found out that the monkeys were actually afraid of her, and went on to grow a fondness for the species.

Mtambo would later go on to give the king of Buffertonia a very unique tour of the park, taken place late in the night. The king was very impressed and went on to congratulate Mtambo for his incredible performance.

Some time afterwards, Wilson, Brewster and Koko were being taught by Mtambo about camouflage; when it was time to make a disguise, Brewster and Koko took all of the nets and leaves, resulting in Wilson spraying himself like a parrot. This caught the attention of a dangerous rhino, causing it to go on a rampage chasing Wilson. Speaking of rampages, when Wilson took the night shift at the park, he caught Pete sleep-riding multiple times; once even trundling into the rhino enclosure. Thankfully, Wilson and the Chuggineers were able to immobilize Pete on CP6.

Some time later Mtambo was preparing a very special tour at the park for Mayor Pullman. However, the monkeys started throwing mud at him, resulting in him leaving to take a Chug Wash and Wilson getting the big responsibility of feeding the animals. Wilson, not listening to Mtambo's instructions at all, ended up causing a total chaos at the park with all the animals running around wild. Together with Koko and Brewster he managed to get them back to their enclosures and Mtambo's special tour could go on like planned after all. Around the same time Mtambo was also planning a brand new nighttime tour featuring nocturnal animals, and enlist Koko, Hodge and Piper to be the first try it out.






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