There are two Safari Parks in Chuggington. Mtambo works there.

The Old Safari Park

The Old Safari Park was only seen in Wilson and the Elephant. Koko, Brewster and Wilson had to take animals from here to the New Safari Park. Koko took the monkeys, Brewster took the giraffe and Wilson took Ebo the Elephant. While Koko and Brewster were fine, Wilson had problems with a cheeky Ebo.

The New Safari Park

The New Safari Park first appeared in Wilson and the Elephant. Ever since, it has appeared regularly. In Brewster Goes Bananas, a monkey escaped from the safari park and caused trouble everywhere. Brewster then caught it in his mail van and the Monkey felt bad, so it gave Eddie his spanner back and put the mail sacks back on the hooks. It also acts as a station for people who are coming from the Safari Park to another station.



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