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Background information[]

Russ is a fictional stacker locomotive created by Sarah Ball and Lorelei King.

He first appeared in the seventh episode of the fifth series, Koko Express.

Russ has no exact basis and is painted yellow and dark yellow with red and white-outlined linings, as well as a black cab roof and blue underbody.

Russ has not appeared on the show since 2015.

CGI model[]

In 2014, Russ was designed and modelled by Ludorum in the 3D modelling software Maya during the production of the fifth series.



  • Production sheets from the fifth series indicate the intention to create promotional images of Russ, but none have been released.[1]

Voice actors[]

  • James Naylor (UK)
  • Joss Slovick (US)
  • Paweł Ciołkosz (Poland)


  1. Orthographic and perspective images of Russ' model in Matt Sander's portfolio: "These are sample images of Russ' textures, for reference when Ludroum do their renders. As well as the usual images, please show Russ with mouth open, and with Arm and Legs extended in various poses."